What Is the Chief Benefit of Going the Extra Blogging Mile?

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Back in the day, before I knew what I was doing blogging-wise, a German friend said I was like clockwork.

This is a common term in both Germany and the United States for being consistent; showing up daily and doing your job.

Maybe it is in my genes somewhat; my mom was born in the Black Forest of Germany, where the world famous Cuckoo Clocks are made. But I had to follow a few steps to become a consistent blogger versus relying solely on my genetics.

Today 2 of my Facebook buddies remarked on my consistent nature so I wanted to share my blogging tips with you.

1: Give Little Thought to Outcomes

At 3:35 on a sunny NYC afternoon, I could easily mail it in right now. I have worked for about 8 hours already. Work day could be over. But I wanted to help you become consistent after seeing my buddies’ comments.

I don’t say to myself: “What am I gonna get out of this post?” Instead I think: “How can I give through this post?”

Big difference because not focusing on outcomes helped me become super consistent. I show up daily to create and connect because I don’t allow yesterday’s, last week’s, or last year’s work affect my enthusiasm, my focus and my service today.

I am not outcomes-driven. I am service-driven. I am fun-driven. I love helping people with their blogs and give little thought to what I get through my service, which keeps me consistent, not allowing my current day worldly success and years of failure from eons ago affect my creating and connecting.

2: Train

Honest guys; my physical and mental training regimen plays a huge role in my consistency.

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Doing deep yin yoga, exercising and eating healthy every day keeps me energized, focused, consistent and persistent.


Me after a 100 block run in 100 degree temperatures in New York City.

No way I could publish almost 600 guest posts on this blog alone unless I trained my body and mind to deal with the invariable fears and mental blocks which arise from time to time.

3: Dive into Fears

Many bloggers lack consistency because they quit as soon as they face a deep fear. Consistent bloggers feel the fear, release the fear and proceed.

I feared I’d not have the time to write this post a few moments ago but on feeling and releasing the fear I moved forward and wrote it.

Fear is like that; it appears to make you do what you do not want to do. Or it appears to goad you to move in a failing, struggling or perhaps a not quite successful direction.

Dive into fears. Keep creating. Keep connecting. Keep practicing. Develop fearlessness through many parts of your blogging campaign and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

4: Publish Premium Products to Establish Passive Income

Some bloggers skip writing and publishing posts – lacking consistency – because they are busy helping clients. Nothing wrong with you being booked up for weeks.

But when the bookings slow down for a little bit – as they usually do – you’ll be struggling to gain exposure for your blog when writing your next blog post. Meanwhile, during your 1 month off from blogging to focus on clients, I’ll have published 40 guest posts, 90 posts on Blogging From Paradise and 90 videos between Facebook and YouTube.

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Who do you think will get noticed in the blogging tips niche? Me or you? Me of course, due to my consistency and willingness to generously share value value, creating the illusion of me being all over the place.

Check out my eBook that helps you become a full time blogger:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

By writing it and establishing a passive income stream I can continue to create and connect consistently, every single day, as passive income flows in through the eBook and various other passive streams.

Guys; if you want to be super consistent do not rely solely on a service-based business model because you cannot create a blog post and help a client simultaneously. But you can create a blog post while readers buy your courses, eBooks and ad space on your blog.

Wrapping it Up

More than anything guys, blog for fun, mainly. If the work feels like the reward you will be a consistent blogger.

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