What Small Businesses Get Wrong

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For many small businesses, SEO is uncharted territory. To some, the age of digital marketing may seem overwhelming. To others, it may appear deceivingly simple. In either case, the online arena opens a world of opportunities as local companies can compete against larger corporations like never before. Make sure you embark on your digital journey with accurate information. Let’s dispel 3 of the most common myths about SEO.

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  1. As long as you rank on the first page, you’ll get noticed. Business owners often believe that consumers will notice their company regardless of its position on the first page. In reality, this is hardly the case. Top position matters. Google has created what it refers to as a ‘local 3 pack-’ a display that separates the 3 highest ranking companies from the others also ranking on the first page. This makes the top 3 companies far more prominent in the eyes of consumers, directly translating into increased web traffic. Companies ranking #1 in local searches receive an average click-through rate of 31%. Companies ranking #2 and #3 receive an average click-through rate of 14% and 10% respectively. The click-through rates of those ranking below the local pack pale in comparison with companies ranking #4, just one position below the pack, receiving an average rate of 6%. Most shocking to business owners is the fact that companies ranking #6-10, while still on the first page, receive an average rate of just 3.5%. This means they are hardly being considered by consumers at all.
  2. SEO decisions should be based on cost. Investing in SEO is one of the best things a small company can do. However, when choosing a SEO service, companies typically consider low-cost solutions. In the world of SEO, you truly get what you pay for. That’s why you should evaluate Return on Investment rather than cost. Low cost solutions may seem optimal at the time, but they will be far less beneficial in the long run. The more time and money you put into SEO, the more it will pay off. A thorough SEO service will get your company ranking higher and reaching more new customers. In the end, these new customers become leads and leads translate to sales.
  3. Any SEO activity is sufficient. For those unfamiliar with SEO, any activity may seem . While small gestures, such as keyword use and content writing, are a step in the right direction, they will not get you the results you are looking for. There is a significant difference between the quality of SEO activities and high performance SEO. Only high performance SEO can create a fundamental change in your company’s ranking. Established SEO companies have the experience necessary to perform a full suite of services that ensure your c3ompany gets to the top of Google rankings. These include citations, link building, and verification as a trusted local expert and trusted subject matter expert.

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