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What time is Super Bowl 2019? How much are Super Bowl tickets? Where will the Super Bowl be? These are some of the main questions people have queried on Google Search, but for some reason this
year’s advertisements aren’t generating the same excitement.

The lack of excitement for many of the 368 respondents participating in Alpha’s survey — which analyzes the
expectations of fans around the celebrities, trends and performers for Super Bowl 2019 — may shed some light.

Perhaps it’s the theme most expect that has become a major disappointment.
About 24% believe this year’s theme will be related to diversity and inclusion, while about 21% believe it will involve patriotism, some 13% think politics will become prominent, and 9% point to
feminism and the #MeToo movement. Some 33% don’t expect any of those themes, according to the survey by insight data company Alpha.

Still 46% do plan to watch the Super Bowl on February
2, 2019, followed by 32% who said they will not and 22% who said maybe.



Overall, 62% of all respondents are not excited about seeing celebrities, although 20% are excited to see Serena
Williams in a Super Bowl ad for Bumble, a dating and networking app, according to the survey conducted by Alpha, which provides user insights based on data.

From there, the percentage only
declines. About 13% said they are excited to see Jason Bateman’s ad for Hyundai. Then there is Luke Wilson’s ad for Colgate-Palmolive, where only 10% are interesting in seeing the ad. And
only 4% are excited to see Peter Hermann in the “The Professional” ad for Persil ProClean.

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The celebrities fans are most excited to see include the Puppy Bowl before the game starts, Big boi
from Outkast, Clydesdale horses, Michael B. Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, Peyton Manning, and a few others.

The enthusiasm for the Maroon 5 halftime show also lacks luster, with only 25% excited to
see it. Some 42% don’t know who will perform. Only 13% are “extremely” excited about the halftime show.

One positive note is that the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick
and the National Football League (NFL) has had minimal effect on Super Bowl viewers, with 83% of total respondents noting that it hasn’t affected their decision to watch the game. Good thing for Nike,

However, younger viewers including Gen Z and Millennials are more impacted by the controversy, with 23% between the age of 18 and 34 noting that it will play a role in their decision to

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