What to Stream on Netflix This Weekend

‘Daybreak’ (Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote / Netflix)

It’s finally the weekend, which means it’s time to binge-watch some documentaries, TV shows, and films on Netflix. With so many good options available, deciding what to stream can be tough. To help you get started, we’ve picked the top six flicks to see on Netflix from October 25 to October 27. Martial arts masters, zombie outbreaks, and hilarious pranks will keep you glued to your screen from today to Sunday.

Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy

Sometimes you have to confront your past to move on: Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy is an action movie that sends a martial arts expert back to the battlegrounds to fight a rising Chinese squad.

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

David Chang and celebrities embark on a global foodie tour in the TV show Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. From Los Angeles to Marrakesh, there are many dishes to try and traditions to learn about.

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It’s the apocalypse, but a group of teens are crushing it in the Netflix series Daybreak. After a nuclear explosion wrecks California, the squad must stay together to avoid Mad Max-style gangs and adult zombies.

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Revenge of the Pontianak

Just in time for Halloween, Revenge of the Pontianak follows a family haunted by a vampire-like creature. When a Malaysian village starts to experience supernatural sightings and deaths, a man must stop the evil being and confront a dark deed.

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Dolemite Is My Name

Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) is a struggling comedian who creates a raunchy alt ego in the film Dolemite Is My Name. Once he makes it to the big screen, there’s nothing that can get in his way.

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Prank Encounters

Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo leads the ultimate joke fest in Prank Encounters: The actor and his crew create the craziest situations like odd job interviews, bad surgeries, and “possessed” stuffed animals.

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