What Trump Is Doing Is Starting To Work

“Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary of SharkTank got some high praise for his comments in support of the Trump Administration’s trade actions in pursuit of a free trade agreement with China. President Trump tweeted. “Thank you Mr. Wonderful, I like you too!”

Kevin O’Leary of SharkTank on Trump’s trade policy: It’s starting to work.

O’Leary later commented on Trump’s tweet and elaborated on why Trump is working to level the playing field for America doing business in China: 

I was talking about the policy this administration is putting forward. Bottom line is everything has been tried for 17 years while I have actually been doing business in China. Nothing has worked to level playing field. I like what this administration is doing by trying new ideas. Let’s try something else. That’s what I’m talking about. Because to me, it’s starting to work. Everything else has not worked. I’ll keep it very simple. I don’t have a level playing field in China. They get to use our markets in ways that we can’t use theirs. That’s not okay anymore.

Kevin O’Leary of SharkTank: I Like What This Administration Is Doing With Trade

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