What’s the biggest content challenge? Marketers reveal all

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Chart of the day: Time is the biggest challenge when it comes to content marketing

Marketers have revealed time and quality are their biggest content marketing challenges according to research by Clearvoice.

Time, content quality and creating content were the top three challenges, which suggest a perception of the number of resource marketers feel content needs. And right they are! Quality and effective content takes time, needs to be good quality and needs the appropriate resource to put aside this time and make sure it’s great quality. Marketers recognise that it’s quality over quantity and understand quality is the most important aspect.

Production is also a big challenge for marketers, the resource involved in making it happen and getting it live and as someone who works full time in the production of content, it certainly is harder than you may think.

Credibility and content processes were also big challenges for marketers and creating content, as shown below was another specific big challenge, which makes sense based on previous results above.

Editing was found to be the least challenge for marketers and repurposing content seems pretty easy, but the creating, scaling of content and generating content ideas as well as maintaining consistency were all complex processes.

Content quality and credibility is super important to marketers.

What can you do?

It’s best to focus resource on content marketing – just doing it for the sake of doing it won’t generate results, we strongly believe you need relevant content, a marketing strategy to produce it and high-quality copywriters and editors to edit it. This can be done all by one person too if they’re super good at content, so resource doesn’t need to be an issue.

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