Where Consumer Purchase Decisions Are Made: Home


The idea of “home” has always been a critical foundation for our understanding of self: It helps us define our place in the world. The home is where we feel most comfortable, a sanctuary where we choose to root, relax, and nest.

The home, it turns out, is also where nearly all important purchase decisions are made.

That makes sense, of course. The home is where families connect to discuss not only their work or school days but also their consideration of retail products, home goods, financial products, the next family car, etc.

Over the recent December holidays, my three-year-old daughter got a hold of a Target catalog and demanded I read it to her each night before bed so she could plan out her holiday gift requests. The next day, I’d find her plotting her purchases in her room, quietly commenting on each item in the catalog. (Needless to say, she got the Barbie Dream House).


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