Which form of advertising gives the biggest ROI?

Chart of the day: Pound for pound, TV advertising provides the biggest return

According to an independent study commisioned by Thinkbox and conducted by Ebiquity and Gain theory, Television advertising provides the biggest return on investment compared to other forms of advertising.

TV ads created 71% of advertising generated profits, whilst online display only created 1%. The average ad-generated profit created by TV ads was £4.20.

TV ad profitability

In the age of digital, TV advertising still dominates return on investment, but it’s also providing a far higher return than radio and out of home ads too.

TV ads provide the biggest return, providing a safe option for advertisers, however, it’s also the most expensive form of advertising, even if a dip in advertising revenues has led to networks charging slightly less for advertising.

Recent research by Nielsen has also found that half of US-TV homes have Internet-enabled devices, which are capable of connecting to a TV.

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