Who’s on Snapchat Anyway [Infographic]

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Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, will release its Q2 earnings results later this week, and the market will be looking for improvements in their user numbers and revenue statistics, particularly given the push from Facebook to limit the app’s growth.

But regardless of the data, the key question around Snapchat for marketers isn’t so much what the overall numbers are, but who, specifically, is using the app. Even if Snapchat isn’t able to compete with Facebook and Instagram on raw numbers, the app does have more than 166 million users, and its user base is very focused. If you’re looking to reach younger audiences, Snapchat is definitely a worthy consideration.

So who, exactly, is using Snapchat – and how are they using it? Snap Inc. has provided this infographic outlining some key audience stats and data to provide some perspective.

Who’s on Snapchat Anyway [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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