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I posted the following comment on a social media site today:

America looks more like Houston, even now, than it ever looks like Berkeley. The left seeks to divide us, because their power comes from pitting one group of Americans against another. That’s what “identity politics” means, and that’s what they do.

It isn’t what Americans do. We’re seeing what Americans do right now, in Texas.

A friend of mine, a gold-star Marine whose Marine son died in combat, replied:

Tell that to the media.

We’ve all shared that frustration, the knowledge that America — left, right, and center — is largely trapped in a bubble chamber of progressivism. News, education, entertainment, and, increasingly, the Big Data companies that drive the internet, all tilt hard left. How can we, the not-quite-silent majority of right and center-right Americans, make ourselves heard over the howl of the left-media gale?

Ricochet is part of the answer.

I’ve been on social media for more than a decade, and written hundreds of pieces of conservative commentary. Usually — not always — I’ve been preaching to the choir, enjoying a receptive audience within my own little bubble chamber. It’s pleasant, but not very productive.

I’ve tried blogging, but building a successful blog takes time, focus, and commitment. It also requires a knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and other arcane aspects of building a digital presence. Most of us are too busy with our brick-and-mortar lives to compete in the crowded blogosphere.

Enter Ricochet

Ricochet provides a platform for the conservative voice. They handle the nuts and bolts of managing an internet presence, while providing normal conservatives — those of us who spend our days in the real world — with a platform for expressing our ideas to a larger audience. Ricochet is a group blog for the rest of us, a well-known conservative site that can propel thoughtful conservative content from regular people out into the wide world of the conservative blogosphere and conservative news.

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For a few dollars a year, Ricochet makes it easy for us to share our views with thousands, with tens of thousands, who are searching for an alternative to mainstream media.

Now, as the giant search engines and video repositories flex their muscles and threaten to impose their corporate left-biases on the internet — now more than ever we need to create and sustain conservative platforms that have the reach of the major blogs, and that give conservatives a voice. Ricochet does that best, and that’s why it deserves our participation and support.

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