Why Choose WordPress Over Other Blogging Platforms?

Let’s get one thing straight first: WordPress is more than just a blogging platform. It’s the best way to create an explosive website that really gets your message across. 

The fact that WordPress runs 50-60% of the world’s CMS market can attest to that. 

Of course, there are lots of other web and blogging platforms out there that you can choose from. However, choosing a blogging platform that doesn’t fit your needs is among the worst mistakes bloggers should avoid. 

Still, if you’re still torn on whether or not starting a WordPress blog is something you want to get into right now, allow us to make the choice easier for you. 

Here are our top reasons for choosing WordPress:

1. It’s designed explicitly for publishing

WordPress can handle your whole publishing workflow. Yes, right from your first draft all the way until when you’re ready to publish. 

The distraction-free writing platform also automatically saves your work and allows you to go back to previous versions of your content with a click of a button. 

It’s also very convenient how you can preview your posts to see exactly how they should appear upon publishing. 

 Speaking of publishing, you can choose to publish immediately or you can set it to do so at a later time of your choice. 

2. It’s simple and easy to use

Whatever the reason, may it be business or personal, I’m guessing you want to start a blog because you love to write. WordPress allows you to do just that. 

You want to write? Write away!

You need to upload an image or file? Drag and drop or upload via a link. 

As easy as that.

No need to be a coding expert to get the best of the platform. It’s simple, straightforward, and lets you do what a writer’s got to do without having to worry about anything else. 

Unless you want to that is. 

Because then, it’s also customizable with apps and plugins of your choice straight from WordPress’s plugin directory. 

WordPress’s flexibility is one of the things that makes it the top CRM of today. 

3. Top-notch security

WordPress is well known for its excellent security features. You get password protection various levels. 

Examples of what you can do are: 

  • Protect individual posts
  • Protect specific parts of your content
  • Restrict access privileges for anyone else except your choice of members, authors or registered users

It goes without saying that security should be considered as one of the fundamentals of blogging. Especially if you want to get into it as a profession. 

Why, you say? Because you don’t want to lose everything and start from scratch again if ever your blog goes kaput due to malware and other security problems. 

Stable as a web and blogging platform, vulnerabilities in the system are quickly discovered and given solutions as soon as they are found. That’s easy enough to do when you have millions of members in your user base. 

Thousand of skilled users and hundreds of expert web developers who back and support WordPress collaborate with the company to arrive at solid resolutions to recently revealed issues and vulnerabilities. 

These are then programmed into the updates that WordPress rolls out every 3-4 months, regular as clockwork. 

4. Top-of-the-line Search Engine Optimization

By and of itself, WordPress is already an excellent platform for SEO. Compared to every other CMS out there, it’s the best at indexing every single page you create.

WordPress also converts your titles and pages into search engine friendly URLs. 

Although there are a lot of SEO resources for bloggers available on the web, another good thing about WordPress is that you can also get optimum help from search engine optimization plugins. 

Yoast, for example, has been rated 5 stars by more than 16,000 users. It’s the most downloaded SEO plugin on WordPress’s directory. 

With over 5 million active installs, it tops the next plugin on the list by 2 million. That’s a massive number of satisfied users who rely on Yoast’s search engine optimization capabilities. 

As a matter of fact, almost every kind of tool you need, including online marketing tools, is available on WordPress’s directory. 

5. Wider Social Media Reach

For easy sharing of your blog posts to social networking sites, Publicize is one of the most workable among the WordPress’s social tools. 

Tasks such as using Facebook to increase your blog traffic or Twitter to share captivating excerpts from your posts come quick and easy with Publicize. 

In addition to that, there are also a lot of plugins you can choose from that will make it easier to power up your social media presence via your blog. 

This could easily turn into a much longer list when it comes to reasons to choose WordPress. 

Among them are the awesome design options, flexibility and expandability and impressive ease of access. Using this platform, you can effortlessly create ways to increase email subscribers and grow your email list. 

These, in addition to the above-mentioned reasons, are why you should start blogging using WordPress. 

Experience the convenience that millions of WordPress subscribers enjoy. Make it yours too. Be the blogger that you were meant to be. Let WordPress handle the rest.

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