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Every single blogger alive could use more clarity.

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Every single blogger alive could get clearer.

Even Seth Godin could be clearer. Blasphemy! I hear you now. But it’s true. The King of Short and Pithy posts can be clearer because he is not an enlightened being. You know who does not need to be more clear? Enlightened beings. The Dalai Lama. Wise souls who have mastered worldly living, close to fearless, do not need more clarity.

What is clarity? Clarity is executing an idea from a clear, fearless, relaxed energy. Some call it getting to the point. Fear-filled folks call it being blunt or opinionated. Powerful, generous, detached people call it being respectful of people’s time.

I explicitly made my guest post word counts at 600 words maximum because most bloggers I observe exude a strong fear energy through their writing. Fearing they are not enough, this lacking feeling manifests as:

  • wordiness
  • bloat
  • overstuffed blog posts
  • the odd belief you can only say something valuable in 1,000 words (PS….”I love you,” is 3 words and has changed more lives than any words, ever)

Guess what? If you cannot make a clear, powerful point in 600 words, fear handcuffs you. Fear makes you believe you have not the:

  • clarity
  • wisdom
  • power
  • trust
  • detachment

to write and publish a smashing blog post in 600 words.

After observing 100,000 blogs during my 40,000 hours of blogging work over the past decade, LACK of words is not the blogging problem. BLOAT, heaviness, wordiness and long-winded posts are at issue because most humans feel lacking in some way, shape or form, and said feeling manifests through their blog post.

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600 Word Maximum Gives You Clarity and Focus

I write with clarity and focus because I have only 600 words to make my point. No room for filler, bloat or long winded behavior.

I respect my time. I respect your time.

In truth, highly skilled writers can publish a clear, concise 2000 word blog post. But most spend a week or more trying to get it right while I just published 35 to 70 guest posts and blog posts combined, 600 word clear, concise gems, during the time frame. While you are standing on the sidelines, people see the name “Ryan Biddulph” pop up in 35 to 70 places during that week and 35 or more times the prior 5 weeks. Who gets more exposure? Me. Who sees more success? Me. Why? I blog from an energy of clarity, abundance and generosity, making my point, helping people and exiting stage left. Meanwhile, you are vibing from a deeper fear of your post not being long enough or good enough, sitting on the sidelines.

Maximum 600 word blog posts train you to:

  • clarify your thoughts
  • blog with posture
  • feel posturing
  • blog with authority
  • blog efficiently
  • blog effectively

But guys….this is no mad rush! I do not set a 600 word max to force bloggers to do bad jobs. Nope. I force you to face word-count, worthiness and all types of blogging fears most humans carry around like a 2 ton yoke. Blog calmly, coolly and from a relaxed, generous, trusting energy, as you hit 600 words. Take your time. Make it count. Then proofread, submit or publish and move on to the next blog post, to cultivate an abundance mentality and to be generous and to serve more folks and to see greater blogging success.

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Feel Free to Add Words as You Gain Clarity

Once you feel good and clear writing 600 word posts you can add a few hundred, clear, concise words to posts. Your choice. If 600 feels good, go with that. If 1000 feels good, clear and fun, go with that. Honor your energy.

I advise most bloggers aim for 600 words because most write 1000 word posts from an unclear, resistant, wordy, not enough energy. Chopping down the word count exposes those fears so you can face, embrace and release said fears.

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