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Imagine a sunny, bright cloudless day.

Outside, at least.

But visualize yourself sitting in your bedroom, being under your covers. Shades drawn, and curtains closed, you live in a dark, depressing, upsetting world. You chose to stay in bed, even though the sun shines outside, revealing a gorgeous day. You closed the blinds and shades and curtains. You choose not to walk outside.

Why do you resist walking outside? Or at least, opening the blinds? Fear. Fear inside of you distorts reality. Fear makes you think negative. YOUR fears, that you repress and resist, are like wearing a set of dark glasses on a sunny day, or, are like sitting in a dark, depressing room. You see darkness because the fear in you makes you see darkness. You cannot get over, what’s in you. But if you face, feel and release fear, even if it feels tough, you step outside and see the beauty around you. Your choice.

Blogging Improvements

If you resist fear, and do not feel fear, you will tune into fear-negativity, and will never see improvement. Fear is like wearing a dark shade of glasses; everything looks dark, depressing. But if you feel fear, you remove the glasses, and everything looks light and happy.

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You see improvement through a cheery, grateful, abundant-feeling mind. You develop such a mind by feeling scarcity, poverty conscious, lack and limitation fears. This is the quickest way to see blogging improvement; remove the mental blocks to improvement.

Chapter 1 of my eBook:

How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less

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is Set a Freeing Intent

You need to want to be free more than you fear facing your fears to do the things promoting your blogging influence. Ditto for facing fears, to see improvement. Fear blinds you to improvement. Every day you blog, you grow, and see improvement. Plus, blogging to follow your fun and to be free helps you BE the blogger who creates and connects generously, the blogger who sees increasing success. Improvement happens on an energy level first, then, an action level.

You be the blogger who is more fearless, which makes you more grateful, and with that gratitude, you begin to see improvements you missed in the past.

Make a Gratitude-Improvement List

Feeling better, and more fear-free, create an improvement list for your blog. Where do you see improvements? Have you been grateful for every person who visits your blog today? What growth have you experienced? Observe your latest blog post. Do you realize how many millions of bloggers have not the skills, experience and confidence to write and publish such a genuine gem?

Begin taking stock of these blessings. See improvement and growth, where you once only saw a lack of improvement, and regression. You choose what to see and how to perceive life but need to remove deep fears – think, purge – to be grateful, to see growth and progress, and to get past the common ego error of grasping for some specific blogging strategy, technique or tip to follow, to amplify your improvement.

You only see improvement and growth by feeling abundant, by being grateful and by taking the time to actually perceive improvement in your life. This is always an inside-out deal.

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