Why I Keep Pushing So Hard About Blockchain

If you’ve paid any attention to me over the last several weeks and months, I’ve repeatedly said that blockchain as a technology is a huge and major shift that will impact many businesses (probably yours) in the next handful of years. I’ve also said repeatedly that you need to get out in front of it and learn more now so that you don’t repeat the mistakes you made in the DOT COM days, when you thought that might just be a whim. Remember then? Right. So let’s get real about blockchain.

First, I know. It’s really boring

What blockchain is that the internet wasn’t is that blockchain is boring. It’s about keeping better records. The whole system is about matching “ledgers” between lots of distributed computers. Are you snoring yet? I would be. BUT that doesn’t make it unimportant. It means you still have to know about it, but it might be tricky to stay focused. Just keep reminding yourself that you will be very far behind really quickly, and that mistake will cost you lots of money. That’s how I’m staying motivated, at least.

But it’s necessary

Blockchain will take a lot of the “mystique” of annoying processes away. Wondering about car repairs won’t just be a single company’s job. You’ll just have access to it. Finding out whether the deed to your land is accurate to the actual fence posts in the yard will be a few clicks away. Everything where you have to bother a lawyer about detail gathering will be part of this. It’s important.

Contracts. Real estate. Financial transactions. That’s what blockchain does. Boring. But necessary.

The Basics

I’ve started collecting a lot of resources to help you with this. The FULL list is here.

But these are a good start:

Here’s investor and venture perspectives on blockchain.

IBM’s explanation (they’re a big player here already).

This is a fun guide that has a bunch of ways of explaining it.

Here’s a Udemy course that might help. Plus, it’s very inexpensive.

And again, check out the whole pile of resources I made for you here.

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