Why Jim Twerdahl Credits Never Having Breakfast Alone to His Success

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In today’s episode I share the mic with Jim Twerdahl, president of many companies, including JBL, Marantz, and a biotech startup.

Jim’s motto is: “The more that you give, the more that you’re going to get.” That’s why, whenever he can, he tries to refer someone to another person. There is a huge amount of power in referrals: if you refer someone to another person, the person you referred feels indebted and may be more inclined to help you in return. This chain of connections helped him build the business.

There is an important lesson in the book Never Eat Alone, which Jim and his partner have lived up to. They try to have breakfast meetings with new people every day in order to gain leads and plant seeds.

Tune in to hear Jim discuss the importance of referrals and professional connections for faster growth, the marketing lessons he’s learned from being president of JBL and other companies, his process for hiring and interviewing executive candidates, and why most startups fail by getting diverted by too many potential opportunities.

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