Why Plastic Surgeons Should Care About Reputation Management

Why Plastic Surgeons Should Care About Reputation Management

Why Plastic Surgeons Should Care About Reputation Management

As a plastic surgeon, you would probably prefer to spend your time with new and existing clients to help them look and feel better rather than spending copious amounts of time online trying to woo prospective new clients. Unfortunately, failing to pay attention to your online reputation could be disastrous if there are things online that damage your reputation, like several people taking the time to leave fake negative reviews that harm your ability to get new clients.

Here are some reasons plastic surgeons should outsource SEO and reputation management to a trustworthy company.

First-page search results get 90% of the business

Even without fake negative reviews, landing on the first page of a Google search is no small feat, but your chances of getting new clients rely almost entirely on getting onto that first page. A reputable SEO (search engine optimization) and reputation management company can help get your plastic surgery business on the first page of a Google search – and keep you there.

Google seems to change their algorithm regularly, so you need a full-time SEO professional to keep your website ranking high in searches. While there are a few things you can do yourself to help improve your SEO ranking, it takes the expertise of somebody who constantly monitors the changes in SEO best practices to get and keep your website on the first page of a Google search, where you can compete for the attention of potential clients alongside your competitors, rather than scrambling behind them to pick up their leftovers.

Your reputation is everything

As a plastic surgeon, your reputation is everything. Without the constraints of health insurance, people looking into getting plastic surgery will go out of their way to find a plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation. Do you know how to ensure that the positive aspects of your reputation are the first things prospective clients see about you?

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Even if you don’t have anything to hide, there is an art to how you represent yourself online. A good reputation management company wants to give you maximum control over what people do – and don’t – see about you online. This includes answering potential clients’ questions before they even ask them because you need to make a good impression as quickly as possible.

Reputation management requires skill and time

Keeping up with negative or fake reviews, maximizing the amount of good SEO practices you are using on your website, and managing your digital reputation requires not only a lot of time that you would rather spend with your patients, but a higher level of technical skill than you may have when it comes to reputation management.

Leave the complicated stuff to the professionals while you manage simpler tasks, like maintaining a current LinkedIn profile and keeping up with your social media accounts. Without the stress of trying to manage your online reputation, you can focus on your current clients and ensure they leave with a positive impression of your reputation – so they can help spread the word of that positive reputation.

It’s cheaper – and easier – to be proactive than reactive

Maintaining a positive online reputation is much easier than trying to fix one that’s already been cluttered with negative reviews, college photos of you acting like an idiot, and outdated information from places you no longer work.

Take charge of your reputation management now to avoid time and expense down the road. If something negative pops up, you can manage it without getting bogged down with other small details you didn’t realize were affecting your reputation.

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Reputation management services can help protect you from cyber extortionists

There are people out there who will publish bad things about you, then demand you pay them to remove the damaging information. Laws aren’t quite in place yet to deal with cyber extortionists, so a reputation management company can help fight them with tools you may not be aware of. Why spend your time and stress worrying about these criminals when you can hire a company that always has your back in situations like these?

Without an excellent online reputation, it will be incredibly difficult to bring in new clients. You don’t have the type of business that will bring random people in from off the street, so it’s worth the added expense to hire somebody to help manage your online reputation.

As a plastic surgeon, reputation management should always be at the forefront of your mind, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it yourself. Entrust your business with a reputation management company so you can focus on pleasing your current clients instead of stressing about gaining new clients. That will help ensure you have a steady client base for years to come and you can focus on what you love best – surgery.  

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