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People eventually see; you intend to scare them into profiting you.

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I came across a time-induced, special time offer, clock ticking thingee a few moments ago. Used for a few days, OK. Used for a few weeks, I think, why is this guy trying to scare me into making money for him? I am good. I love my life. I do not make rash decisions. I rarely make decisions out of fear. I never make fear-filled decisions again, after a prior, similar-fear-decision made.

If some blogger uses scarcity marketing for months, they are fools. Eventually, you become the blogging boy or girl who cried wolf; people stop listening. Fear repels. Love, calm, fun, detachment and chill vibes, attract success and happy, prospering people.

What Is Scarcity Marketing?

Any form of marketing using fear is, scarcity marketing, like:

  • limited time offers
  • chopping down your prices left and right
  • manipulation through copy, designed to make people feel miserable, to scare them into a purchase
  • ballooning prices to absurd levels, like, $8000, then, giving it away for free, or, $19.99, indicating you are either lying or would sell an $8000 car for $20, or, give it away for free (see how stupid it is, to use fear and lies???)

I see it as being a stupid way to build a business: scare people. Why? Scared marketers use scarcity. I am not scared. I am as cool as a cucumber. Ever wonder why I ALWAYS say on my blog for the prior year: “If you want to blog full time, you can buy my eBook here.

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You CAN buy my eBook; you have the ability to buy my eBook, but you have an out. I do not back people into a corner. I am like Barney, the cat in the featured image for this post, here in Turkey. I post a picture of my eBook, link to it, note you can buy it, and go to sleep. No big deal. Just get on with it. Seriously…does this guy living in a Star Wars Cave Home in Turkey, look like he scares sales out of people, to you?

I do not command or demand people do stuff. I used too; when I was pretty afraid. I learned scarcity marketing is silly because if people love you and trust you, people will buy your stuff. Love makes billions and billions and trillions of dollars. Scarcity marketing builds a house of cards; even geniuses who use fear and scarcity to grow empires, meet dicey circumstances, tons of resistance, and nightmares. Fear follows you around like a little puppy. Scare people into buying, and you will get scary results.

I have never once seen Alonzo Pichardo use scarcity marketing. My friend helps people and “lets the content do what it does.” Amen to that. He uses love-harmony-fun-generosity to build his online empire, engineering something special through genuine friendships and iron clad word of mouth marketing. Astounding, to see him in action, speaking to his power of being genuine, authentic, helpful, detached and trusting in the process, NEVER once using fear to scare sales out of a human being.

Even short-term, I never got scarcity marketing. Why scare someone into a sale when you can become friends, form a loving, generous bond, make money easily and have oodles of fun during the blogging ride? My readers love me. I love my readers. My readers visit my page and buy my eBooks and audio books. Why in the heck would I want to scare them? Why chop down prices? (another scarcity tactic, devaluing my offering, and pretty much, insulting my readers, assuming they are poor or struggling, kinda despicable, if you ask me!)

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Nope; I keep RAISING prices. I tripled my eBook, courses and services prices a few years ago, and sold far more of each. This makes my readers wealthier too, elevating and expanding their abundance consciousness, freely spending 15 bucks on an eBook versus a piddly 99 cent offering.

Try abundance marketing, guys, Grow some freaking cajones. Raise prices, have posture, make friends, build loving bonds, trust in the process and your blogging income will grow over the long haul.

Love people, and you will never need to scare them into a sale.

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