Why this new Meetup group is focusing on technical SEO

There’s a new Meetup group in town: digital marketing firm I’m From the Future is launching one focused on the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

On Feb. 27, at WeWork’s Northern Liberties location, the group will host its first session, focusing on “learning how Google crawls and understands your website and what you can do to make sure it’s finding the pages you want and not wasting time on thin/unimportant pages.”

The agency’s founder Nick Eubanks – who formerly ran digital strategy for West Chester, Pa.-based Traffic Safety Store – will be the inaugural speaker. The group, self-billed as the first one to focus on technical SEO, promises to go keep tabs on the rapid changes in the SEO world.

“The idea is to offer way more than you can gain by just reading blog posts or watching tutorials,” said in a blog post Matt Schickling, content strategist at I’m From the Future. “In these meetups you’ll learn technical SEO from experts who have a proven track record of experience actually doing SEO, and be able to ask them questions in-person.”

I’m From The Future, which currently employs 22 staffers, was founded in 2014. It recently acquired two other agencies: Philly’s True Voice Media and Miami-based WEBRIS.


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