Why you definitely should not storm area 51

There is extra law enforcement at the entrance to Area 51 this weekend (Picture: JIM URQUHART/REUTERS)

Area 51 is a classified section of a US Air Force base, located in Amargosa Valley in Nevada that has inspired many films and documentaries thanks to the fact it is shrouded in mystery and said to house evidence of alien life.

The military base has been in the news more than usual lately thanks to a viral Facebook event called Storm Area 51, set up by Matty Roberts, that suggested people should descend on the base en masse to try and breach the security there and try and discover once and for all what is inside.

After the hype, media attention and not forgetting the reactionary memes, Roberts cancelled the event last month citing concerns over safety, infrastructure and lack of organisation.

That doesn’t seem to have stopped people though as according to reports, crowds have started turning up in the town of Rachel, which is the closest settlement to the military base.

Why you definitely should not storm area 51

Here are six pretty darn good reasons why trying to storm Area 51 sounds like a bad idea:

Tourists have begun to arrive in Rachel, Nevada (Picture: George Frey/Getty Images)
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  • If you do get hurt or run into medical trouble while in Rachel or attempting to storm Area 51, the nearest hospital is in Caliente, which is about 44 miles away from the Area 51 perimeter. Even if you can make the 45-minute drive, the hospital is only set up to take around eight patients at a time.
  • Plus, if that wasn’t too much of a deterrent already, the locals aren’t too keen on having a new influx of visitors to their tiny town of Rachel either. One local revealed that he has secured the perimeter of his property and set up a neighbourhood watch.
  • Finally, even if you did successfully storm Area 51 – which is highly, highly unlikely – the chances of finding aliens or any evidence of UFO activity is slim to none. Nick Pope, former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defence, told Metro.co.uk: ‘Even if there had ever been any alien technology – or aliens – at Area 51, it would be long gone. Common sense dictates that the moment a military base starts getting name-checked in movies like Independence Day and TV shows like The X-Files, the cat is out of the bag, so any UFO-related material would probably long since have been moved elsewhere, to a location the public has never heard of.’

Sorry, folks.

Security has been stepped up around Area 51 this weekend (Picture: George Frey/Getty Images)

Is the Area 51 raid actually happening?

Despite the fact that the original Storm Area 51 Facebook event was actually cancelled and replaced with a party in Las Vegas last night and even in the face of warnings from the US military, some people have actually started showing up in Rachel on September 20.

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Campers are set up in the desert for the Storm Area 51 event this coming weekend in Rachel, Nevada. (Picture: George Frey/Getty Images)

Authorities are apparently expecting around 30,000 people to show up in the area, despite over 2 million saying they would attend on social media before the event was shut down.

The original ‘Storm Area 51’ event was scheduled for 20 September at 3am local time in Nevada (11am GMT).

While it’s not clear if those arriving in Rachel are actually intent on attempting to breach the security of the military base, there is a festival called Alienstock planned for three days over this weekend with music and alien-themed entertainment. With images showing a stage and temporary toilets being set up in the area, it would appear that event is at least actually going ahead for those who made the trip.

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