Will IEOs do any better than ICOs or STOs in 2019?

Will IEOs do any better than ICOs or STOs in 2019?

By Mofassair Hossain

From 2017–2018 the ICO Market was at the top. At the end of 2018, this model started to fall because many ICOs were scams with investors. From recent CB insight analysis in 2018, almost 2286 ICOs were launched and all together raising 12B USD dollars. In 2017 almost 966 ICO campaigns launched and they all together raise 5.6B USD dollars. Also from another recent CB insight analysis showed that in 2019 venture capital invested almost 1.6B USD dollars which is almost 3x less than in 2018. Whereas 800+ deals ICOs raised 4.1B USD dollar in 2018.

From the mid of 2018 the STO Model emerged and investors, VC and institutional investors moved to STO model. But over time everyone understands that it is hard to launch an STO because it requires SEC permission, also many crypto Exchanges tried to avoid STOs. At the beginning of 2019 IEO Model came and started Dominating the Market over time. Also, 38 IEOs ended and raised 235M dollars.

Almost more than 30 Exchanges in Coinmarketcap are providing IEO Services. Mid Exchanges charge 2–5 BTC where top ones charge 10–25 BTC. The question arises did IEOs can raise more than they invest? The answer again no. Very few exchangers have real users and can raise fund, while many are money-grabbing with fake volume and can’t raise the amount they spend. And for the fake volume, they will force you to do market making with a huge fund.

What is the solution? If you think of doing an IEO better to select those top Exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Okex , Kucoin , Bittrex , Gate.io, Probit or MXC.Prepare yourself for those Exchanges if you want to raise funds. Now the question arises what you do to raise funds? Sometimes better to make the partnership with some good exchanges first and start marketing so that it can build trust in your community.

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Before you start marketing, the agency does some work at home like Community management, Social media management, digital marketing, PR. Most of the ICO spend tons of money in those areas and at the end, they often lost money. A minimum amount of ICO Marketing starts from 200–300k USD. If someone promises you to raise 1M with 50K no that is not possible he is trying to scam with you. Be careful before doing an IEO in any small exchange as most of them are faking their fundraising totals. This kind of thing is happening in this market so be careful with every deal.

So at the end again a warning for all ICO CEOs who have the plan to do IEO. Do due diligence before doing IEO in any exchanges who promise you to raise millions of dollars overnight with 2–3 BTC.


Md. Mofassair Hossain

Linkedin ; https://www.linkedin.com/in/md-mofassair-hossain-515a90148/

BIO : With over 30+ successful ICOs on his record, Mofassair is an expert in exceeding goals. As a Chartered Management Accountant and an investor, Mofassair has years of business and marketing experience, allowing him to deliver expert advice across a broad range of sectors. He was one of the top 7 ICO advisor in 2018 also one of the top rating expert at ico bench.

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