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Will Social Commerce Rule Social Media in 2020

Social commerce is the next big thing for brands to tap into. Do you want to know how? Or are you a brand, too, and are looking forward to obtaining the advantages offered by social media platforms? Well, whatever the case may be, we are going to discuss how some platforms can go from social to commerce.  

You are already aware of the population in India. It is near about 1.3 billion people. With such a vast population, the market in India is one of the most different ones. The retail outlook, along with the customer ones, is stable. With so much diversity, the market is expected to redefine trends with which the future of the retail and commerce industry will evolve.  

Businesses are continually asking themselves. What is coming to social media in 2020? Well, it is tough to say what the future holds, especially when it comes to some continuously evolving social media. But, if a little attention is paid to the current statistics and ongoing trends, one can see some signs. You will have to unlock those hints to understand where it is heading.  

You will be amazed to know that, currently, social commerce is a fascinating trend in social media. Businesses can reap maximum benefits and yield great results. It is expected to have a more significant impact on 2020.  

Let us know what Social Commerce is?  

Social Commerce refers to the selling of products directly online through social media platforms.  

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Ahh, wait! Don’t mistake it with social media marketing. It is distinct from social media marketing. In this case, businesses try to propel referral traffic to their online store or website through social media platforms.  

Consumer behavior on social media 

Talking about the recent trends in consumer behavior, you are already aware that people are spending more time online. Hence, there is no denying that social media and mobile are gradually becoming the primary source of product discovery and consumption of content.  

Here are some sightings made based on the statistics of consumer behavior.  

  • The time devoured on mobile devices is anticipated to transcend the time people spend on television.  
  • Messenger sales on social media are successfully outperforming email marketing. It attains more clicks than ever.  
  • Almost 30% of the total online consumers say that they prefer buying things directly from social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.  
  • Online stores are experiencing more referral traffic from social media. It has grown to more than 100% in the past two years. Isn’t this crazy? This is huge, and people are shifting their buying habits. This growth is much more than what is experienced by any other channel.  

What social commerce looks like on distinct social media platforms?  

You are already aware of the primary social media platforms. They include Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you also spend some time on social media, then you must know that people have already started shopping on these platforms.  

According to Facebook data, 70% of online shoppers say that they prefer to have a look at 

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Instagram for product discovery. Perhaps, this may be the reason wh0y the roadmap of Instagram has been delivering a secure shopping experience. Popular brands are also currently obtaining advantages of it. With the help of a new option Instagram Checkout, you can see a product that you like on Instagram. Completing the entire purchase is very easy with Instagram.  

Facebook has already taken some severe paces towards social commerce with the help of Messenger and Facebook page shops. People like to go through the products listed on these and buy from there since it involves just a few steps to order a product.  

There are Powerful, varied traits for social commerce on Pinterest. New features keep evolving all the time. It is since 2015, Pinterest released that buyable pins. Since then, the platform has continued offering more and more eCommerce features.  

Businesses can also create online stores on social media. To get started, you can create your store by clicking on the shopping templates offered. With the help of a few steps, you can start selling on social media and experience skyrocketed sales. The existing capabilities and abilities of social platforms are leveraged for social commerce. 

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