Win the Amazon Buy Box and Watch Your Sales Soar in 2018


Amazon is now one of the ten largest retailers in the world. A study by One Click Retail also determined that the online giant accounted for about 44 percent of all eCommerce sales in 2017. These two reasons alone should be enough to convince you about the importance of integrating Amazon into your sales strategy.

However, simply creating an account and selling on Amazon is not enough. After all, there are millions of third-party sellers on the site, and a lot of them even offer the same merchandise as you. If you want more shoppers to see your product and boost your sales, you need to appear in Amazon’s vaunted Buy Box.

What’s a Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is the golden ticket for e-retailers because winning it means high visibility and amazing sales numbers. This is the white box found on the right of the product detail page, where shoppers can add the items they plan on purchasing.

When customers search for a product on Amazon, photos and details of the product appear, along with an “Add to Basket” or “Add to Cart” button. Once the customer clicks on the yellow button, the lucky seller who has the Buy Box at that particular moment will get the sale.

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There’s another box underneath the Buy Box for the other sellers. However, 82 percent of shoppers tend to just click on the yellow button while 18 percent of customers really take the time to scroll through other sellers and compare prices, delivery methods, and seller feedback. So it’s easy to see why the Buy Box is a prime commodity among third-party sellers.

Advantages of Winning the Buy Box

Retailers who win the Buy Box have a huge advantage over their rivals, especially now that the majority of consumers are doing their shopping online and more often than not, they make their purchases on Amazon.

Winning the box is also essential now that mobile shopping is growing rapidly. As a matter of fact, shopping on Amazon’s mobile app increased by 56 percent globally and is expected to continue growing. Unfortunately, while the “Add to Cart” button can still be seen under the product image and details in the app, shoppers can’t view other sellers easily. So if you want to secure more sales, it’s vital that you win the Buy Box.

How to Win Amazon’s Buy Box

In order to win the coveted Buy Box, you have to have the following key requirements.

  • Have a Professional Seller account: Retailers with a Professional Amazon Sellers account are the only ones who have a shot at winning the Buy Box. The company’s algorithm does not include Basic Seller or Individual accounts. So if you want that box, make sure to upgrade to a Professional account.
  • Be Buy Box Eligible: You should be Buy Box Eligible for a specific product if you’re planning to compete for Buy Box sales. This means you have to have been trading for a minimum of two to six months. You should also have a history of successful sales. Closing a large number of sales proves your consistency and trustworthiness. Good customer metrics and great customer service are also needed to be eligible. You can also improve your chances by fast-tracking your eligibility via the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).
  • Products Should be New: Only new products can win a place in the Buy Box as the company wants to ensure that only products of high-quality and in good condition are being promoted. If you’re selling pre-loved items, you can be eligible for the Used Buy Box, which is distinct from the main box.
  • Have Enough Items: Having available stocks will certainly boost your chances here. After all, you can’t sell something if you don’t have it on-hand. Amazon also wants to minimize incidents of customers being disappointed when they reach checkout only to discover the item is sold out. So it’s crucial that you have enough stock and that your inventory is updated. Otherwise, your seller metrics will go down and your chances of getting the Buy Box will dwindle.

Winning Amazon’s Buy Box will undoubtedly help boost your sales and enhance your reputation as a successful seller. But you have to be ready for some strict competition if you’re planning to go for the box. Remember that there’s no solid way to beat your rivals and ensure you win the Buy Box. All you can do is monitor your metrics and focus on key factors like having Prime products, becoming an FBA seller, having excellent customer service and getting positive feedback from happy shoppers.


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