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Creating blogs and articles is already such a significant part for any blog or website. The question you must need to be asking from yourself is that “Am I creating the quality content?”

You might be inserting your every keyword in the correct places and using all the right headers, but have you ever thought about the length of your article? Furthermore, does the word count hold any significance at all?

Today, we will explore the ins and outs of this concept so you can be sure that the content you update your blog with is all perfect.

Knowing these things are significant but using the effective manner to check your content’s length also plays an important part. Obviously, you cannot just start counting every word as no person would ever like to waste his time in the manual calculation of the words. For that, you only can use tool available online named as word counter. By doing that, you will be told about a number of words along with several other details in a matter of seconds.

The Word Count Statistics

First of all, let’s have a look at the stats for what Google ranks as high-quality content. A study conducted by serIQ found that Google most highly ranks websites with around 2000 words.

However, this does not mean that you can start repeating the same keywords for like 2000 times. Your article needs to be rich and must give your reader with valuable details. As you still are required to include helpful links and follow the rest of search engine optimization regulations.

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Including Backlinks

Hand in hand with the deliberation above, an article that is considered rich and has high worth, with a decent length, will surely gain more backlinks, hence making it more famous with search engines.

In a survey which was done by Moz, the company examined that the content with more words was ranked much higher than others.

As you can conclude yourself, the word count per content and the number of backlinks directly correlates. Therefore, the higher the words your article has, the more likely your article is to be linked to and hence, the better your post will perform in the search engines. So, in this manner, by checking your length with Word Counter Free, you can increase the chances of your inbound links.

Another, extremely crystal-clear piece of proof for this is searching for yourself. For instance, if you explore “Common SEO mistakes,” you will see the top four results all consist of over 2100 words. These even outrank Google’s own article, which is only posted with 550 words.

More words mean more SEO

The current optimal keyword density for content is about 1-2%. This indicates that the more words your article has, the more keywords you will be able to inject in your article, and again the more famous it will be with different search engines. It will also enable your readers to find your content a lot easier.

Generally, the more words your article has, the more subheadings you can insert. This might also help you to enhance your content’s SEO ranking.

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Optimizing your article

So, you might be wondering about what you can do with all these details.

Well, to start with, you’ll want to examine and analyze the length of your existing articles, along with any pending content that you are planning to post. As minimal, you will desire to write an article for a minimum of 400 words.

But, as you can examine from studies above, it’s much better off intending for near the 2000 word mark. You can go without any effort, monitor length of your content as cited earlier with free tools like word counter.

Obviously, you will have to take into account different areas of search engine optimization to make sure that your article maximizes its effectiveness.

When trying to increase the length of your content, make sure you don’t break any of the plagiarism rules that search engines have set as it might create a problem for you.

Along with it, it is also important to remember that your article should always be compelling, engaging and reflects the real value to the visitors or readers. Master this technique, and you will enjoy your business success. In this technique checking your article’s length from word, counter plays a huge part too.

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