Xnspy Review: India’s Best Phone Monitoring App

Xnspy Review: If you want to monitor someone’s calls, chats, or you want to access their GPS location, then today, I introduce you to a non-intrusive mobile spy app named Xnspy. In fact, I’ll be telling you how you can use it to keep tabs on the digital activities of a person you want to monitor. 

Xnspy is India’s best-hidden spy app that enables you to read messages, access call logs, and track the GPS location of the target person.

Not only this, you can read emails and Instant Messenger chats, too. 

Xnspy is compatible with every Android and iOS devices. Xnspy for Android is functional with all devices running Android OS 4.X, 5.X, up to 9.X. Xnspy iPhone works on iOS version 6.X, 7.X up to 12.4. 

Xnspy Monitoring Features:

After using the Xnspy hidden spy app, I have come across various features of this app. Below I have mentioned some of my favorite features.

  • Xnspy is the best-hidden spy app that enables you to access call logs (dialed, received, or missed). It also gets you to call details like time, date, and call duration of every call that a person has received on his phone
  • XNSPY automatically records all calls so that you can listen to them anytime. 
  • You can read all incoming/outgoing messages. Xnspy records and uploads data as soon as the device is connected to the internet. So, you can never miss a single text message even if the monitored person deletes them. 
  • What makes it one of the best Indian hidden spy apps is its ability to track a phone’s internet browsing history. You can access all the saved bookmarks, too.
  • With this hidden spy app, you can access all WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and Facebook chats discreetly. You can view all photos sent/received via these popular social media sites. 
  • Another amazing feature that I liked the most is the surround recording. It gives you remote access to the target phone, and you can activate its microphone to listen to the phone’s surroundings from a distance.  
  • You can track the current GPS location of the target person by locating their phone on the real-time map. It gives you information regarding the current or past locations of a device with address coordinates, date, and also time for those check-ins. Besides, you can also geofence a phone to monitor it for a confined area.  
  • Watchlist Alerts will surprise you definitely. You can get instant alerts on specific words or phrases used in messages or emails. Plus, it notifies you about calls made to/from specific contacts, and when the target person visits specific addresses.    
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How to install Xnspy?

To get started with Xnspy, you need to get one of their subscription plans, Basic or Premium, that come in monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment plans. Once subscribed, you go check your email that includes your account details and a download link. 

I am using Xnspy for a long time now to monitor my kid’s phone. Online predators, identity theft, and my kids’ access to inappropriate content were my major concerns. When I searched for the hidden spy app, I came across several monitoring apps.

Some were paid and some were free, but none of the apps were able to provide stealth mode and good performance. If you want to get the advanced features at a reasonable price ($4.99/month), download Xnspy and get a remote access person’s phone.

Pricing of Xnspy:

Basic Edition:

$29.99/month(you will be charged $29.99 monthly)$13.99/month(you will be charged $41.99 quarterly)$4.99/month(you will be charged $59.99 annually)

Premium Edition:

$35.99/month(you will be billed $35.99 per month)$19.99 /month(you will be billed $59.99 per quarter)$7.49/month(you will be billed $89.99per year)

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How Xnspy works?

Once installed, Xnspy gathers information regarding every activity that is happening on a person’s phone. It uploads data to your Xnspy online account so you have access to it whenever you would like. All you need is a web browser to sign in to your account. Through your online dashboard, you can control the monitored device remotely. You can also customize alerts and other settings.

Xnspy Review

Live Demo

One thing that I like the most about this app is its Live Demo. If you have doubts or you want to explore how the app works before buying, you can try the live demo. The demo is solid and tells that the team behind Xnspy knows their stuff quite well.

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Customer Support

This hidden spy app offers 24/7 customer support. You can contact their live agents to get support to troubleshoot problems, fixes, and other technical issues. There are support material and links available on their website. There’s no telephonic support though which is a slight bummer! 

Pros and Cons of Xnspy


  • Trusted and guaranteed hidden spyware
  • Well designed
  • User-friendly interface
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Live Demo
  • It is equipped with all the latest spying features like call recording, geofencing, and ambient recording
  • It provides remote controls like remotely wiping, device locking, etc.
  • 10-day refund policy


  • It only works with Android and iOS devices
  • Telephonic customer support isn’t available


Xnspy, the best-hidden spy app in India? Well, there’s no harm in saying that, and well, there are many reasons why.

Considering the per capita of an Indian household, it makes sense that people’s propensity to spend on spyware won’t be high enough. 

That’s why Xnspy gives you the chance to give it a try for as low as $4.99/month. The price point is certainly a great aspect but there’s more. Xnspy gives you full access to someone’s phone as advertised and that too in a very discreet matter.  

At Last Rate this Xnspy Review Below and If you have any question regarding Xnspy Review then Please Ask in Comment Box.

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