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Wouldn’t it be great if your business could be in real-time contact with your potential customer while they are looking at your ad or business listing in a directory or search engine? With Yellzz Super Ads, businesses can do just that. Yellzz has partnered with various marketplaces, directories, and is currently in a small pilot with Microsoft Bing to enable their lead generation service for businesses.

Sharon Mayblum, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Yellzz, recently discussed on ILTV Israil Daily how Yellzz is taking the lead in lead generation by creating real life, real-time interactions with customers:

Yellzz Helps Businesses Engage Potential Customers

Imagine, for instance, you’re selling a car or you have a mobile repair shop and you’re advertised on a classified website. Do you just place the ad and wait for someone to call? It really doesn’t work that way because there’s a lot of competition. You need more engagement. What we do is give the advertisers superpowers. Now they actually can know when there’s a potential customer online looking for their product or service. Not only do they know that they can engage with that customer and ask him to chat with them or send a coupon in real time.

How Does Yellzz Work?

It really depends on the marketplace we’re working with. When we partner with a marketplace they decide on the business rules that really work on that website. What happens is if a customer is looking for a specific car for, instance, then we know to alert the right seller and let the seller start engaging with the potential customer.

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It’s the real advertiser, the real service provider or seller who is interacting with you. Now you as a customer, when you go into a website, you don’t have to download anything to start engaging. You get a chat invite and you can start engaging with that potential seller without giving any details and without logging in. You don’t have to give your Facebook account or email or anything. You just start engaging with different sellers, getting different proposals and closing the deal with whoever you want to close it.

Yellzz in a Pilot with Microsoft Bing Search Engine

We are working with classified websites such as which is a huge American company. They have 3.5 million websites of SMBs in the United States and we’re in the websites and the directories in the UK. We’re also in Asia in Singapore and in Southeast Asia. We’re starting to work here in Israel with a major player that I can’t really reveal the name yet.

We’re also actually in a very tiny pilot now with Microsoft on the Bing search engine. Hopefully, you’ll see our capabilities on the Bing search engine pretty soon.

About Yellzz

Once driving a steady flow of customers was good for your business, but today it’s no longer good enough. Faced with cutthroat competition online and consumers who are constantly on the move, small business owners can no longer afford to just wait for the phone to ring. Make way for Yellzz and the age of the Super Ad. Super proactive, super interactive, with powers of conversions that are out of this world.

Yellzz Super Ads has the power to see the invisible traffic and transform it into sales by giving small business owners the proactive sales enhancing tools they need. This includes letting them know when someone is taking an interest in their product or service, enabling them to initiate real-time peer-to-peer engagement, and allowing coupons to be made and sent in an instant to entice the prospect to choose their service.

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