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Yelp Local Marketing Workbook 2016

Master Yelp, Google+ Marketing, and all of Local Review Marketing for Business for Free

A best-selling Yelp / Local marketing book from a best-selling author on Internet marketing: Jason McDonald

Local review sites such as Yelp, Google+, TripAdvisor and others have become THE way that consumers identify vendors of interest. If you have a local pizza restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, or Tulsa, Oklahoma, you probably already know this. But it’s also true for attorneys or plumbers, massage therapists or local florists: local reviews sites like Yelp are incredibly important to your business. Small businesses and large businesses – especially those that sell to local customers – can leverage Yelp, Google+ and other local review sites for amazing free marketing opportunities

If you know how… you can market on Yelp, Google+ and other local review sites effectively

With up-to-date information on how to market via Yelp, Google+ and other local review sites, the Yelp Local Marketing Workbook includes

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – an easy explanation of what social media marketing really is, and how to “think” about social media marketing.
  • YELP LOCAL MARKETING STEP-BY-STEP – an explanation of how Yelp, Google+, and other local review sites work as a marketing tool, how to research your competition on these sites, how to claim and optimize your business listing, and how to solicit and respond to reviews online.
  • FREE YELP LOCAL TOOLS – as part of Jason’s SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLBOOK, you get complete access to not only FREE Yelp / Google+ tools but hundreds of FREE social media tools as well – a $29.99 value!

Yelp Local Marketing Worksheets

This isn’t a fancy book. This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky book. This is a practical hands-on book, with links not only to free tools but to step-by-step worksheets. By the end of the book, you’ll have a Yelp / Local marketing plan ready for yourself, your employees, and your business. Other great books like ‘Yelp for Dummies,’ ‘Yelp Marketing,’ or ‘Yelp an Hour a Day’ are great, but they don’t have the kind of hands-on, practical worksheets that the YELP LOCAL MARKETING WORKBOOK offers, plus access to free Yelp / Local tools. So consider ‘Yelp for Dummies,’ and other books on ‘Yelp for business’ and you’ll be back.

Got questions? Just Google Jason McDonald and send him an email – he’s happy to help.

Yelp Local Marketing Workbook How to Use Yelp for Business

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