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Live Facebook Events just got a whole lot more profitable for small businesses and creators! 

Soon brands and businesses will be able to charge a fee to attend a virtual Facebook Event, which can create a new revenue stream for many during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here’s everything we know about the latest feature release: 

Facebook Events Are Now Even More Accessible and Virtual

As part of the first of many F8 Facebook Live addresses, Mark Zuckerberg announced a brand new tool that could help bring communities together for live events — Messenger Rooms. 

Messenger Rooms, modeled off successful conference calling for business, is a simple way to host a virtual event for your followers and community. 

MessengerRooms Desktop Colored scaled

And when scheduled with a Facebook Event, a Messenger Room group call can become a lecture hall, an online yoga class, a cookery course — the options are endless! 

Plus, anyone can join a Messenger Room, even if they don’t have a Facebook account. 

And not forgetting that you can connect a Facebook Live to your Events Page, which can also be charged an entrance fee.

This week sees the return of Live With on Facebook, so you can add another person into your live video, no matter where they are in the world. Think about having a guest speaker, interview an expert or perform with a friend. 

So whether you want a group hangout or a live broadcast, there are ways to make some profit!

Now You Can Charge for Access to Your Events on Facebook

Facebook Events are a fun and easy way to bring a community together — and for sending reminders to your followers when you have something fun in the pipeline. 

But for many businesses, the challenges of COVID-19 and social distancing has meant that events and group gathering have had to be put on pause. 

Zuckerberg explained that he wanted to find a way to bring more people together, even while apart. And find new ways for brands businesses and creators to make money online. 

facebook events

Just like selling tickets to your conference, Facebook Events will soon have the option of charging attendees to join your Messenger Room virtual call or hosting Facebook Live events.

So if you’re a small business or creator that relies on in-person services, these two new features combined could help you create a revenue stream during the pandemic. 

facebook events

Facebook will be rolling out chargeable virtual events in the coming weeks, along with other exciting features like Messenger Rooms and Instagram Live streaming on desktop! 

In the meantime, stay up-to-date with all Facebook’s new products and features with Later’s newsletter! 

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