You Need to Start Learning The Basics of Blockchain

In the early 90s, you started hearing about the Internet but brushed it off. Blockchain is that same experience coming to you again. Only this time, you can get ahead and learn a bit more before you feel like you’re ten or more years behind everyone else.

I went looking for ways that people are describing and explaining even the basics of Blockchain technology and I put it together here for you. I know that everyone learns differently and that sometimes, we need to see something many times before it sinks in.

Here’s my effort to help you find more information on the basics of blockchain technology so you can start looking for ways it might change your world. There are opportunities here just like the Internet brought us many opportunities. Ignore this at your peril.

The Basics of Blockchain

Blockchain Explained

IBM’s explanation (they’re a big player here already).

This is a fun guide that has a bunch of ways of explaining it.

Here’s a Udemy course that might help. Plus, it’s very inexpensive.

Listed near the bottom of this post are some real world applications of blockchain.

This one is a bit of a deeper dive told through massive slideshare decks.

For those of you who prefer books, get this one by Donald Tapscott.

Prefer a video?

Want it fast? Blockchain in 2 minutes (pretty good, actually.)

Blockchain for Dummies

Blockchain as it applies to Bitcoin

A whiteboard talk can be helpful.

A really nerdy but very visual demonstration of some of blockchain’s details. (Worth it, but you’re getting a computer guy’s take and that might spook some people.)

A conference presentation on Blockchain.

There are Plenty More But Start Here

I’m just saying “hey you, it’s time to get smarter and smarter about blockchain because it’s coming around in more and more ways and you might want to think about your place in all this.”

The goal is finding the gaps where you can use technology to drive better human interaction.

If you need more, you can always email me: [email protected] . I’ll find a way to help.

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