Your Bright Future with Cisco CCIE R&S Certification – Best Practice Tests to Pass

Your Bright Future with Cisco CCIE R&S Certification – Best Practice Tests to Pass

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching is a certification, which holds immense prestige among the IT certificates for networking. It validates the skill set required for the professional level of network engineering. It is designed for those who want to become a network manager, a network engineer, or an architect. In other words, this credential is for those individuals who have the responsibility for deploying, managing, and troubleshooting complex enterprise networking environments of today’s world see here .

The specialists who have the Cisco CCIE R&S certification are believed to be competent in network engineering skills and have extensive knowledge of related systems, products, and technology gears. The certificate makes you one of the top professionals in the sphere of Routing and Switching. The individuals with this credential are usually offered big positions and good salaries in various companies.

In this article, we will cover more about CCIE R&S, its peculiar features, and the advantages of attaining it. But, in the first place, let’s know the certification details and the respective exams you need to pass.This way you will know what you need to deal with.

What Does CCIE R&S Involve?

You do not need to fulfil any formal prerequisites for this credential, except for the 400-101 test, thehands-on lab exam, and 3-5 years of experience working with a network infrastructure. And, of course, you will need an in-depth understanding of the material. As can be expected, the availability of the CCNP Routing & Switching certificate will be a plus. The lower levels of the same certification are always a great basis for your further evolvement.

To obtain the Cisco CCIE R&S certification, you will need to take two steps. The first one is to complete a written qualification test (400-101). You will have 2 hours to deal with 90-110 questions, which cover principles in Layer 2, Layer 3, and VPN Technologies, Infrastructure Security and Services, and Evolving Technologies. The exam will evaluate your knowledge of IP, UDP, and TCP operations, network implementation and troubleshooting, skills in working with VLAN, LAN, WAN, EtherChannel, and IGMP. You will also need a deep understanding of IPv4 and IPv6 addressing and subnetting, routing concepts, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, and ISIS. Tunneling, encryption, Cloud, SDN, and IoT will also be mentioned in the 400-101 test.

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And the second step is a lab exam. You will be given 8 hours and the topics will be the same. There will be three modules for you to complete:

  • Troubleshooting module (2 hours)
  • Configuration module
  • Diagnostic module (30 minutes)

The time of the first two blocks can be adjusted considering the time you have spent for the Troubleshooting module. If you have spare minutes, they will be added to the second part of the lab exam. Please note that the time of the third one is fixed.

PrepAway Is Here to Guide You

Both exams are not so easy and you will have to work hard to pass the certification test and the lab exam with flying colors. That is why you have to prepare yourself with great deliberation using reliable and high-quality materials and guides. The PrepAway website can help you with this. You can find multiple packageson this platform thatincludeexam guides, real questions and answers that you can run into, and also other helpful materialsthat will boost your preparation.

There are many similar websites like PrepAway but most of them are not legal, reliable, or relevant. Use the study materials from this verified site, and you will see the results right away. You can even check the feedbacks of different uses and evaluate the pros and cons.

Advantages CCIE R&S Will Give You

If you are an expert in R&S, things will be much easier than it would have been without such a certificate. The CCIE R&S credential can be taken as a shortcut to success as it has a very wide and good job market compared to other areas. If you want to stay longer in the R&S sphere, invest your time in this Cisco certification. It will give you knowledge ofSecurity (DMVPN, ZBF, IPSec, ACL, etc.), Service Provider (MPLS, L3VPN, Advanced BGP, etc), and Voice (QoS) Technologies that will need at your job.This certificate covers those technologies that are in high demand.

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All in all, we can separate out three key advantages after attaining the CCIE R&S credential. Let’s dive into them.

  1. Excellent Salary Package: The pay factor comes on top of all other factors when considering options regarding which IT certification will be most suitable. This credential ensures better payment than others in the sector. The Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts earn approximately $125,000 every year and the amount is increasing.
  2. Status and Credibility: This certification can be difficult to get butearningitwill bring you a high status, prestige, and recognition, as well as credibility among the customers.Your colleagues will respect you as a qualified professional, and theclients will not be afraid to rely on you in cases where your consultation is required.
  3. Better Opportunities:Not every Cisco R&S certified specialist has a goal to gain an expert level in his/her skills. That is why there is a very small rate of professionals with the CCIE credential. It makes them in demand. Any employer will desire to have such a master among their employees, so your career will definitely become prosperous.


Those professionals who want to have a career in IT networking today need to embrace rapid changes. The Cisco CCIE R&S certification can help a lot in today’s modern network administration, management, and in providing solutions to complex networks. This is a way to truly set you apart from the IT professionals in the networking world. It is an important and prestigious credential for which theindividuals can even sacrifice a year of preparation. It requires a lot of effort, but it pays off well. Acquire this Cisco certificate and lead your life into a new path.

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