1 Critical Time Saving Tip that Busy Bloggers Often Overlook

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You have a split second to impress established, pro bloggers.

Influential bloggers open doors for you. Pros promote you to large, loyal, targeted followings. Pros help you grow your blog traffic and profits.

But to impress pros you have a split second. A moment in time. A breath. A tiny window to lay the framework for a long term friendship.

Watch this video from a posh pad in New York City as I discuss this concept:

Your Busy-ness May Not Be Necessary

Some bloggers are horribly busy doing silly stuff that hurts their blogs.

Almost like spending 15 hours daily digging a deeper pit that guarantees their long term struggles and eventual failure.

If you spend 10 hours daily spamming blogs you may appear to be busy but if you spent 2 hours creating meaningful comments you’d reap sweeter rewards in 8 hours less time, making you less busy while getting more positive results.

Most bloggers struggle because they give their attention and energy to doing blogging-busting stuff, perpetuating their online nightmares doing low energy, fear-based, failing stuff. Their busy-ness is not necessary. If they did valuable, bond-building stuff, they would be less busy while seeing a great return on their actions.

You save your blogging time by making an impact with each action.

You Have a Split Second

When I scan my spam folder I do so in about 30 seconds.

You literally have a split second to stand out from wave of spam comments. I may see a smiling avatar. Or someone mention my name. Maybe I see 2-3 thoughtful paragraphs. That split second you have either sows the seeds for a prospering friendship or guarantees that you will spend the next 6 months or 2 years wasting your time, getting busier and busier doing silly stuff, until you wake up and make that split second count.

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Make it Count by Spending Time to Impact Bloggers

Save your time.

Set aside 10 minutes to read a blog post and to publish a thoughtful, kind, warm, business and friendship building, legitimate, authentic blog post.

Those 10 minutes now will save you year’s worth of struggle. Because when you befriend 1 or 10 or 50 established pro bloggers, these folks will promote you, endorse you, hire you, buy your stuff and they will also boost your blog traffic and profits by promoting you.

Those 10 minutes spent each time you comment on a popular blog from your niche really makes a difference in saving your time.

But if you spent 2-4 seconds copying and pasting the same comment to 1,000 blogs daily you just wasted years of your time, or however much time you spend engaging in such silly actions, at least until you wake up and stop spamming folks.

You can either spend the next 3 years doing stuff that leads to endless struggling or you can spend the next 10 minutes doing something that will save you time now, tomorrow and 5 years from now. Even better? The time-saving action of creating mindful comments actually brings you far greater returns versus the silly, time-wasting, spamming tactics used by most bloggers.


Versus the loss-loss scenario experienced by all spamming, struggling, time-wasting bloggers.

Think from a Pro Blogger Perspective

Think from a pro blogger perspective. Put yourself in established blogger shoes.

Imagine having 1,001 things to do today.

Imagine 500 people all screaming to get your attention. You’d ignore them. Of course. Desperation repels people.

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Then imagine the 501st person. This individual addresses you by name, notes a recent blog post of yours that they loved reading, lets you know that they tweeted the post and bought your eBook and asks how they can help you.

That 501st person thought about helping you, not serving themselves, and this is the exact person who saves time, who becomes wildly successful and who enjoys the ride.

They spent a few minutes serving, helping and assisting you, so you know they used that split second of time wisely.


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