1 Skill to Develop for Moving Up in Blogging Circles Quickly

I write a bunch of guest posts.

Usually I see 2-5 guest posts of mine published daily.

Meaning I receive hundreds of comments on my guest posts monthly.

Toss in the 30-80 to even 100 plus comments I receive on my posts at Blogging From Paradise and you get the idea I have a few comments on my creations.

I can only respond to a few of these comments. Because my time, talents and energy are best spent doing other things like creating more guest posts, Facebook Live videos, YouTube live videos, Periscope videos and podcasts.

I probably have a few hundred things to do daily. Meaning I can only spend a few minutes daily responding to a few of these comments.

If a fellow blogging buddy feels disappointed or frustrated that I cannot respond to comments on the guest post I placed I totally understand their feeling but I can only do what I can do.

Meaning, I’ve had to develop the skill of being OK with and releasing other folk’s disappointment with me as my workload increases.

Watch this video to see me explain this concept. Also watch if you want to see Molly the Naughty Cat knock over a glass of water.

As you become more established online you will receive more opportunities for interacting with friends, new readers and a whole range of individuals. This is part and parcel with expanding your blogging presence.

Some outright impatient folks will expect a response to their message within minutes if not hours. These folks are either newbies bloggers, struggling bloggers, or have simply never managed a thriving venture which demands hundreds of things for you to do daily.

Either you feel guilty or worried about not responding in minutes or hours or you let go the individual’s pleas. You betcha that letting go a needy or desperate or disappointed individual is the easiest and quickest way to sprint up in blogging circles.

Established, authority, pro bloggers get it; they know how busy things get. No seasoned, busy as Hades blogger would demand your response to their message or email within minutes or hours because they too know how busy things get.

When you let go folks who are not as busy you align, connect with and befriend folks who are more busy. Easy peasy way to move up in blogging circles although at times these experiences may be uncomfortable.

I had to face, embrace, feel and release feelings of guilt, rejection, or having people feel disappointed in me, before I could release on someone’s disappointment or annoyance within seconds versus hours.

Even better? I stayed on task, doing what felt most fun, freeing, inspired and enjoyable to me.

Writing 14 to 28 guest posts this week and creating 21 live videos is a better, more enjoyable use of my time and talents versus responding to hundreds of comments on guest posts I submitted. Learning this art of discernment took some time because I had to get clear on my intent of having fun, serving others and following my passion versus surrendering to the fear, attachments and in some cases, desperation of fellow entrepreneurs.

The Tip of Tips

Learn how to move on quickly when someone begs you to help them incessantly. Or when someone asks for something a bit beyond what you can offer.

Be with any feelings of guilt, commitment, or attachment to an individual.

Sear this idea onto your mind: “You can only do what you can do.”

Embodying this concept has been the foundation of me being able to enjoy my life offline as I travel the world. No way I’d be able to spend hours a day sampling the sites and sounds of places like Bali, Fiji and NYC if I was tied to my blogging online work for 17 hours a day, allowing myself to be pulled in 150 different directions by folks with their attachments.

You can only do what you can do.

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