1 Successful Blogging Lesson from Snow Salting in NYC


I just walked around New York City after some steady snow.

OK; I slid around New York City after some steady snow.

Most folks did an OK job salting their sidewalks. Some did not.

Far from being a post dealing with snow removal etiquette, I spotted a neat analogy between blogging and snow salting.

The Solution, Burns and Stains

Slippery, snowy, slushy sidewalks are dangerous to traverse.

I almost busted my rump a few times, sliding through the slick slush.

Salted sidewalks provided me with clear passage. Just a few puddles here and there but not different than walking after a light rain.

The solution literally stains and burns exposed skin. Walk a dog not wearing booties on sidewalks treated with salt. You will see what I mean.

This caustic solution also terribly stains the walk, your sneakers, your boots and if you don’t clean your shoes, the salt stains work into your home.

The Blogging Analogy

The blogging journey gets slippery. A bit harrowing at times.

The solution to the slipping, and slowing, so you can have a smoother, calming ride is to face, embrace and release the burning, caustic, sometimes staining pains, and fears, of diving into blogging obstacles.

The journey becomes smoother after you publish your first guest post. Ditto for the first live video. But these highly uncomfortable, freeing activities may burn you, after receiving your first negative comment, or say, your first negative, nasty review after self-publishing your first eBook.

But writing your first, then second, then third eBook makes your journey smoother. Passive income flows to you. You establish authority in your niche. People see you as an expert, boosting your traffic and increasing your interview requests.

All because you salted the sidewalks after the slippery, slick snow.

Feeling the Burn

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Blogging for 6 months to a year and not seeing a dime of profits may burn like a sonofagun. Ditto for seeing scant traffic after placing 20 guest posts on niche blogs.

These experiences may appear to stain you, trying to jaundice you, but if you feel the burn – instead of resisting it, or burying it, or trying to fight it – some healing happens. After some tears, some anger and some frustration, you know what happens next?

The Rains Come and Wash Out all the Salt

The rains always come during Spring here in the Northeast United States, washing out the salt, removing the stains and giving sidewalks around the region a fresh new start.

Blogging Spring awaits for you too.

The first client, or first ebook customer, or first subscriber to your email list will arrive, just as surely as the night follows the day, if you feel the burn, clear the fear, and blog from a place of fun and love.

How to Become a Successful Blogger

Salt, guys.

Salt those snowy, slippery sidewalks.

The only way to smooth your journey is to do the freeing, and sometimes fun, but usually uncomfortable things that allow your fears and pains to surface.

Do not go weeks between checking your emails because you fear feeling the pain and frustration and loss and desperation of not making money through your blog. Check your email daily. Face your fears. Feel whatever is there, because by doing this, you clear the fear associated with loss quickly and blog from an energy of fun, love and generosity.

As you may imagine, the journey gets smoother and smoother when you blog from a more detached energy of love and less from fear and resistance.

But you need to salt regularly to clear the fear and vibe from a higher, prospering energy.

Remember guys; the Spring rains always come, washing away the burning, staining salt, removing the residue of your pain and fear so you can blog from a fresh, energized, loving and harmonious space.

Your Turn

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Have you salted recently on the blogging side of things?

What freeing but uncomfortable things can you do now to create a smoother path in the future?

The Video

What th video as I chat about this concept.



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