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1 Word For Struggling Bloggers to Embrace


Embodying 1 word will turn your blogging campaign around quickly.

Watch this in-depth video to discover and *be* this word:


At 6:55 PM after an afternoon spent out with the family, then dinner and desert at the mall I am back on it blogging-wise. I’m writing and publishing this guest post. Because I love to serve. I enjoy being of service.

This is the magic word: service.

Sure I could mail it in. I have worked every day for many years. I have written over 240 guest posts on this blog alone. I could rest on my laurels. But I remember the lean years. I recall the struggles I ran into when I only thought about me. When I rendered little service.

I also remember how quickly things turned around with my blogging career when I decided to make my blogging activities all about rendering useful service for my readers, for my blogging buddies’ communities and for anybody whom I came across online.

I finally learned: you *get* by *giving*. You become successful by generously offering service to people interested in your niche. For a blogging tips blogger this means:

  • writing and publishing blog posts frequently
  • writing and publishing 1-3 guest posts weekly
  • running a helpful podcast
  • regularly posting videos to YouTube, Periscope and Facebook
  • creating courses
  • writing eBooks

and tack on any other forms of rendering useful service you can think of.

I help people build successful blogs by offering smart blogging tips through a wide variety of platforms. This means working late sometimes. Or waking up early to work. Because when my offline life gets a little busy as it was today I need to make the time to render useful service for folks who crave smart blogging tips.

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Successful Bloggers Render Helpful Service

The most successful bloggers I know generously offer useful service through a wide range of online channels. These heavies respond to emails in a timely, helpful fashion, create free and premium courses and create webinars to solve their reader’s problems.

They understand the great secret of blogging: those bloggers who give freely receive easily. Meaning those bloggers who offer useful, valuable service position themselves to make the most money online.

Ditto for struggling bloggers who uncover and embody this idea of service; they become helpful servants who focus primarily on generously sharing their time and talents with their targeted readers, whether through free or premium channels.

Free givers get paid.

No joke.

What About Newbies?

If you are a new blogger you need to study, learn and practice blogging in order to become a knowledgeable, skilled servant. You can only teach what you know. Make your prime intent to study blogging, to learn how to become a successful blogger, to practice what you have learned, to develop your skills and to become a useful, generous servant.

Practical Tips For Being A Servant

  • generously offer your time, energy and talents to help your readers
  • guest post frequently
  • comment effectively on top blogs to add value to blog posts and to add social proof to said posts
  • help people through Q and A sites like Quora and online forums like The Warrior Forum
  • email friends and readers asking how you can help them
  • offer free help generously but also open premium channels of help (creating premium courses, writing and self-publishing eBooks, offering consulting services) to receive money for service rendered
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Your Turn

How are you being a blogging servant? How can you better be of service to your readers?

What tips can you add to the list of practical strategies for being a servant? How can you help readers more freely? How are you rendering useful service for your audience through a wide array of online channels?


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