10 lifehaks that will save you from burnout (you and your time)

10 lifehaks that will save you from burnout (you and your time)

We have put together simple but effective tips that will increase your productivity, save you time and make your work a little easier.

Identify the tasks that are most time consuming.

You can use a employee monitoring software do this, test it for a week and evaluate the results. You will find tasks that are disproportionately time consuming – they are an area for rationalization.

¬†Determine at what time you’re most productive.

For example, if you are most active in the morning, spend that time on the most complex or important tasks (for example, the tasks in paragraph 1).

 Use browser extensions to get rid of dozens of open tabs.

Are you familiar with this: there are so many tabs open in your browser window that they are all tiny and you need to move your cursor to see what the page contains?

Install the extension for your browser. If you use Google Chrome, the OneTab extension allows you to store all open tabs in a neat list. If you prefer Firefox, you can do something similar with Tree Tabs. Not only will the extensions increase the efficiency of tab navigation, but they will also free up some of your computer’s RAM and speed up your work.

Disable notifications and allow time for email and social networking checks.

It may seem that one minute to check your mail doesn’t matter, but it does. Minutes have the property of folding and turning into clocks. And some studies show that after a break, it may take up to 23 minutes for you to focus on the task again.

Allocate a specific time for reading and responding to emails. For example, 15 minutes when you first arrive at the office, then after lunch. And try not to go beyond this time limit. Closing the email tab on your computer will help resist temptation). To minimize distractions, turn off notifications on all your devices – especially when you’re doing a task that requires full attention. If you’re afraid to miss something urgent, you can always add a phone number to your signature. So, a candidate who is late for an interview will call you if you don’t answer immediately.

Use the ATS. Combine processes – organize the selection in one tab: from the publication of the vacancy to the Offer.

Even if you are a god of productivity, when it comes to using multiple systems that need to be switched between them all the time, you are not as efficient as you could be. Eliminate unnecessary actions by putting all your tools together in one place. Candidate tracking systems (ATS) allow you to easily manage your data and save time.

Use the chat bots to answer questions from candidates 24/7.

Anyone can create a chat room bot with the help of online developer. It is enough to think through a scenario of questions and answers. Chat bots will save you a lot of time. Help candidates and staff find answers to questions. And also take care of other repetitive manual actions, such as providing status updates. As an added bonus, bots can do what you can’t: work 24/7 without getting tired.

The time you spend answering basic questions can be used for more important tasks.

Take short breaks to clear your head.

Regular breaks have been proven to increase productivity, creativity and motivation. The minutes you spend on coffee or a quick walk are definitely worth it.

To get in the habit of giving your brain short breaks, try the Pomodoro technique. This approach to time management involves using a timer to divide work into intervals, usually 25 minutes, followed by a reminder to take a short 5-minute break. You can adjust the time according to your preferences. Of course, if your timer is suddenly in the middle of an important business – do not give up everything. But this technique is a good way to be attentive to breaks, not letting you work for eight hours without stopping and becoming less and less productive.

Do the charging.

Exercise sets can be found on YouTube without moving away from the workplace.

Use the calendar to assign meetings and calls.

For example, Calyday or Meetingbird services. Just connect your calendar to the site and it will know when you have events or meetings planned. Share the link to your page with colleagues or candidates and they will schedule meetings with you based on your schedule.

Dedicate a day to give all your candidates feedback.

Try Blitz Feedback tactics from Stacy Zapar to give your candidates effective and consistent feedback.

Having feedback can affect the candidate’s impression of the company and increase the likelihood that they will accept your offer. But reacting to emails and phone calls instantly is time consuming. Recruitment expert Stacy Zapar developed the Feedback Blitz system. Every Friday, she deliberately allocates 2 hours and sends feedback to all her candidates. This strategy only works if the candidate statuses are determined in advance. Stacey informs all candidates that they will not go on a weekend without news from her. This way, candidates know that they do not need to disturb the recruiter themselves. Which means you’ll have fewer emails, calls and sms to distract you during the week.

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