10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Rasmussen College Computer Science Program

Rasmussen College Computer Science Program

There are hundreds of computer science programs out there. They may seem similar on the surface, but it’s important to dig deeper in order to find the program that meets your individual and professional needs. If you’re considering the Rasmussen College Computer Science program, you came to the right place.

10 Standout features of the Rasmussen College Computer Science program

A majority of Computer Science programs today focus primarily on theory and offer limited hands-on programming experience. This approach doesn’t prepare students to solve business problems using up-to-date architectures and languages. Our program places a student’s hands on the most current technology in a business context that actually makes sense.

Here are some other aspects of the program that distinguish it from other programs available.

1. Students can graduate faster and for less money

The Computer Science program is designed as a bachelor completer program, meaning students who transfer in with an associate degree in a technology field can earn a Bachelor’s degree in as little as 18 months.1

Students also have the option to complete part of the program in a self-paced format, called Flex Choice®. This allows participants to take self-directed assessments to acquire general education credits online at their own pace. These assessments are just $99 per attempt and can provide an avenue for significant savings.

2. The program offers two programming specializations

Students have the option to specialize in one of two in-demand programming options: Apple® iOS app development or universal Windows app development. Both are skills that can help students develop corporate apps after graduating.

  • Apple iOS development: Learn how to develop applications for Apple devices using the new Swift programming language.
  • Universal Windows® app development: Learn how to develop mobile apps by leveraging Microsoft Visual Studio® and its ability to target a single set of code on several different devices.

3. Programming courses were designed with feedback from industry experts

Rasmussen College Computer Science courses were developed with the help of curriculum experts at Apple and Microsoft®. Their input resulted in the incorporation of best practices gleaned from two of the most renowned tech companies in the world.

Typical computer science programs generally design courses based on information taken from textbooks that are often outdated before they’re even published. Rasmussen College, on the other hand, collaborated with seasoned professionals to integrate organizational strategy, which should provide students an advantage once they get into the field.

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4. Students receive cloud computing lab access and other tools at no cost

All computer science students at Rasmussen College receive access to Microsoft Azure cloud computing resources, allowing them to acquire hands-on experience creating virtual servers, storage and networks. Students can also download the entire suite of Microsoft software development tools at no additional cost.

Students can focus on end-to-end mobile and cloud app development utilizing cloud computing labs and mobile development tools. Access to these professional-quality resources allow students to focus on developing great software without the worry of what tools to use at what cost.

5. The computer science program provides Apple and Microsoft specific development tools

All required simulators and development environments are provided to students for both Windows and Apple specializations. Students do not need to acquire any additional resources for app development.

Everything a student needs is either provided at the start of a course (if something unique to the course) or provided through the actual course content. Students do not need to go through any additional acquisitions on their own.

6. The curriculum focuses on end-to-end systems

The program curriculum was carefully crafted to cover the entire end-to-end system, with each course seamlessly transitioning into the next. From architecture to programming to distributing databases in the cloud, students gain a holistic understanding of the field.

Typical computer science programs have an à la carte style curriculum—offering a little of this and a little of that. This approach makes it difficult for students to understand where each skill and piece knowledge falls in relation to everything else the student has learned.

7. Instructors are seasoned professionals

Computer science faculty members at Rasmussen College have worked, or are currently working, in the industry. Instructor experience spans from aerospace (Lockheed Martin) to healthcare (HealthPartners) to manufacturing (3M) to education (Yale University). This gives students an opportunity to learn from and develop under expert supervision.

8. The program prepares students to sit for industry certification exams

Technology certifications have become hot commodities in the industry and employers frequently desire technologists to have them. Knowing this, the curriculum was intentionally designed to provide a solid information base for preparing students for in-demand mobile and cloud computing certifications offered by Microsoft. What’s more, Rasmussen College will reimburse students up to three specified exam fees.2

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9. The capstone course allows students to apply their skills to real-world scenarios

Many programs require students to compete a fictitious project that will essentially be worthless after graduation. But the Computer Science capstone course at Rasmussen College allows students to apply their new found skills to business-oriented, cloud-based scenarios.

For example, students will develop mobile and cloud computing apps that could be used as a basis for the development of solutions for real world business needs. These practical projects not only help students hone their skills, but also prepares them for potential employment after graduation.

10. Students can graduate with a professional-quality technical portfolio

Throughout the entire program, students are encouraged to upload course artifacts— diagrams, code, working sample apps— to a technical portfolio on GitHub®. By the time a student reaches the capstone course, they will have accumulated all of the resources necessary to build an end-to-end mobile/cloud system. This final portfolio can be made available for review by employers, which is a powerful supplement to a resume.

Take part in the future

The Rasmussen College Computer Science program was deliberately designed to prepare students for the future of technology. Mobile software applications and cloud computing have revolutionized the way we communicate, the way we do business and the way we entertain ourselves. A tremendous opportunity exists to create these experiences rather than just experiencing them.

Are you ready to take part in the future of computer science? Click the red “Request program info” button in the top right corner of this page to find answers to your questions and additional information on how to enroll in the Rasmussen College computer science program!

1Time to completion is dependent on the number of accepted transfer credits and courses completed each term.
2Rasmussen College will reimburse the application fee for each first attempt of all of the industry certification exams for which you qualify to take. Should you need to take an exam more than once to receive a passing score, you will be responsible for all subsequent exam application fees.
*Flex Choice is a registered trademark of Rasmussen College, Inc. Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Microsoft and Microsoft Visual Studio are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. GitHub is a registered trademark of GitHub, Inc.
EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published in May 2015. It has since been updated to include information relevant to 2018.

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