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Today people tend to look for new ways of making money all the time. However, business sometimes isn’t easy as you need investments. What if you have none? Well, nowadays it is not the biggest problem for an entrepreneur. There are more than 100 business ideas that don’t demand big money. Let’s explore 10 most effective of them.

Top 10 business ideas with low investments

1. Blogging 

One of the most popular “professions” today. It is a well-known fact that a personal blog could be more popular than the company’s blog in ten times. Find your topic where you feel like a duck to water. It couldn’t be said that this business will bring you money at once. Nevertheless, comparing to other businesses, it’s the one with minimal investments such as camera, lighting and advertisement.

2. Freelance writing/ghostwriting

Writing is a vital skill and affects nearly every part of life. Not everyone is able to write a novel, but for senior students freelance would be a perfect first business experience. Working on a blogger, writing articles for online magazines and various services – there are multiple ways to earn money being a freelance writer. There are also lots of platforms where you can find a job. The most popular are and The extended list of freelance websites checkup here.   

3. Online course management

Education online is not a novelty anymore. Take several online lessons and you are ready to launch sites and various educational courses by yourself. Isn’t that wonderful? Well, if you have no money to take such an additional education – don’t worry! Personal loans in Sri Lanka will definitely save the day and allow you to gain necessary knowledge to start your own small business.  

4. Virtual Assistance

Popular bloggers and marketers though seem to be idle, work hard on their content and sometimes do not have enough time to do some mechanic work. That’s why they delegate, creating by that means business opportunities with no investments. Virtual assistant’s tasks include link building, social media marketing, video editing, email management, etc. These duties sometimes require additional knowledge, though.

5. Book publishing online

As you have already noticed low investment road leads to Internet. Even if you are a real writer. No matter on the genre or form of your book, today everything is automatized including book publishing. Using special platforms online publication won’t be a long and nerve raking process. According to Washington Post online publishing isn’t the only change in the book publishing industry. To know other trends read article here and finally make your creativity work on you. 

6. Private detective 

Well, if you are a retired police officer or you’re really good in investigating this would be a perfect idea for you to start your own business. Minimal investments required. Although, when things will start to loosen up you’ll be able to hire an assistant and rent your office.   

7. Match making

Have you noticed that your advices on matters of the heart really worked out? Well, maybe you should think about your business as a match maker. You’ll help couple of your friends, they tell about your ability their friends and so on. That’s how it works. Actually, this no investment business is dreamily mixed with blogging and suits for housewives.

8. Paperwork support

Sometimes people are really confused with all papers that are required while entering university or applying for visa. It’s hard to fill in an income tax declaration and to write a CV. That’s why they’re longing for an instructor who will teach them how to do all that paperwork. The only condition is your personal positive experience.

9. Your skills monetization 

Are you good at cleaning or fitness, or maybe you’re a talented artist? You can monetize your skills. Sell it online and cut down on rent. Build a customer base and in a year or even less you’ll have a business that won’t drain you as you do want you really like in a professional way!

10. Handcrafted goods selling 

It’s a home-based business that won’t distract you from your family and everyday routine. Make your products eco-friendly to encourage people support your little manufacture. Use Instagram account to promote your staff. If you don’t plan to make a full-time job out of it, this is still a superb way to support your family in a hard financial situation.

Final word

So, now you have ideas. Don’t set too big price for your products, as well as do not keep it too low since both of that would scare your potential clients. Try to work with niche marketing as it is easier to find new customers like that. Go and don’t afraid to fail, because the process will bring your new skills. More than that, you’ll understand what you really want to do. 

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