13 Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition Methods In 2019

When trying to hunt for new clients, keeping your cost per acquisition low is easier than you think! Whether your mission is to increase sales or boost their social media marketing, you can avoid spending a fortune on finding prospects by executing these 13 client acquisition strategies in 2019.

Build Your Business Community.

Find several individuals
who work with local companies that are apart of your target market. Think
outside of the box: if one of your clients is a cosmetic dentist, think of who
manufactures and distributes the medical equipment they’re using, who their
company insurance provider is, and even the company that processes their
payroll. Offer a tempting incentive in exchange for referrals.

Get Involved In Your Community.

Get in touch with your
local business coalition. Get involved by becoming a member and volunteering at
conventions. Offer to deliver a speech at various events and become active in
networking events.

Network Regionally

Even if you’d prefer to not
join your local business coalition’s membership, you can still subscribe to
their newsletter to stay in the know and attend events that appeal to you. Any
event hosted by and for local businesses will give you the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and business owners. Be
sure to take the time to get to know the individuals you meet. What is their
story? What is their role in the business? What are their goals? Make an effort
to remember each person that you speak with and ask for his or her information
so that you can give a meaningful follow up later.

Get on MeetUp & EventBrite.

If you’re unfamiliar with MeetUp.com and EventBrite.com,
sign up now and start looking for networking and niche specific events in your
area. These sites are two of the largest online networking platforms. The best
part is they allow you to join existing local groups and events or create your
own. Although not as well known as other social networking sites, it can be a
powerful aide in your search for new clientele.

Join Chamber of Commerce or BNI.

Also known as the Business Network International, BNI describes itself
as “the world’s leading referral organization.” Their mission is to connect
compatible companies with one another to help them build productive
relationships that benefit all parties. Log onto their site, find a chapter
near you, and start schmoozing with other members of your business community.

There’s also the Chamber of Commerce, which is the world’s largest business organization representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions. Both Chamber of Commerce and BNI are great ways to meet, network and do business with local business owners in your community.

Attend and Participate in Conferences & Events.

Industry conferences and
events are another great way to become known within your local society. Whether
you’re sponsoring or being sponsored, there’s a wealth of acknowledgment and
opportunities to be gained. A quick search online will link you to an
unbelievable amount of events that are relevant to you and your target client.

Utilize SEO.

your existing clients with an analysis of their marketing efforts and SEO usage
will make you more valuable as a consultant. Not only will your clients rely on
your services more, they will also have more reason to refer you to their
friends and family. You can take it a step further by checking in with them
periodically and having a brief meeting with them via video chat. You can use a
screen share program to effortlessly give them a quick presentation that
summarizes their current standing and your suggestions for a future plan of

Make Yourself & Your Business Easy to Find.

In addition to using SEO to
help existing and future clients grow their business, you should also use it to
help potential clients find you. You and your business should appear on Google and
other search engine sites anytime someone is searching within your town, city
or region.

Use Paid Ads To Acquire New Customers.

Find businesses that are
already advertising with Google, or Facebook. If they have a budget for paid advertising,
then they are likely willing to invest more into the right marketing campaign.
Although they may, of course, already be working with a different marketing
company, most firms only specialize in certain platforms. This gives you the
opportunity to offer other services the client may not be receiving yet.

Connect On LinkedIn & Facebook

Do your homework. Search for and study
businesses using their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Then give an authentic
introduction. Compliment their business’ mission, product or strategy. Ask them
questions. Then offer them alternative methods and your assistance. Remember:
businesses are run my people and people want to work with honest, attentive
professionals that provide personalized service.

Skim through Newspapers & Journals

There are countless
businesses that are still spending a large portion of their funds on antiquated
ads and marketing outlets, and they are displaying themselves in plain sight!
Grab your local paper and start reaching out to these businesses.

Socialize on Facebook

Socializing and outreach
are very different in that you do not attempt to sell your services when you
are socializing. Instead, participate in conversations and start discussions. Make
a name for yourself within your Facebook business community and people will
flock to your profile.

Observe the Competition

Gather a list of leads by taking a
close look at your competitors’ customers. What kind of service are they
providing them with? Reach out and ask them. If they already have an
exceptional social media marketing presence, maybe you can assist them with there
PPC marketing and SEO?

a low cost per client acquisition is about more than just saving on your
business expenses. It’s about raising your margins and exponentially increasing
your profits overtime.  Using these time-
and cost-efficient methods will place you and your business on a journey of
long-term success.

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