2020 State of Email Live...Wrapped! - Validity

2020 State of Email Live…Wrapped! – Validity

Here we are, folks. What a ride it’s been this year! We’ve done the State of Email Live webinars for most of the year, and each episode brought something new, whether data or expertise from all corners of the industry.

We couldn’t just ask our viewers to sift through every webcast to get the information they were looking for, so we created DISRUPTION: How the 2020 Pandemic Changed Email eBook.

In our last State of Email Live webinar of the year, host Guy Hanson and show regular Greg Kimball elevated some of the most important findings from the data, and helped marketers plan for the next stage of email marketing.

You’ll want to watch the full recording to get all the contextual background and nuanced advice, but here are the three phases we experienced this year:

  • Initial impact: When the pandemic began, brands rushed to show their acknowledgement of the situation, empathy, and flexibility. This is where we first saw changes in volume and recipient behavior.
  • Stabilization: Yes, this is “the new normal.” During this period, senders adjusted their strategies in volume, send-time, and messaging.
  • Looking forward: We’re planning again! Of course, no one could have planned the events of 2020, but looking at what we learned, we’re now able to use our learnings, lean into the practices working for us, and plan to use new technologies. What are they? Greg and Guy outline some exciting tools you’ll want to have on your radar.

Obviously, this is just a high-level look at the themes of the webinar and the eBook. You’ll need to watch the whole shebang below to get the extent of their expertise! Trust me, I’ve been watching these all year, and this is one you cannot miss.

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