25 Fortnite Mobile Tips and Hidden Settings (2019)

fortnite mobile tips and tricks

Fortnite is still one of the most played games across the world. The game has a massive fan base and Epic Games brought Fortnite to mobile devices last year. The game is has been recently updated with a new world as Fortnite Chapter 2 is here. To help you get those wins, we’ve come up with the best Fortnite mobile tip, tricks and hidden settings that you must use and be aware of. If you have been looking for 90Hz or 120 Hz games, here are some of the best high FPS Android games for you.

In case you’re interested in games like Fornite Mobile, then you might want to check out these best Battle Royale games for Android in 2019. So without much further ado let’s check out the best Fortnite mobile tips to grab those epic victories.

25 Fortnite Mobile Tips and Settings

1. Rearrange your HUD

Fortnite HUD editing

Another great Fortnite tip is to rearrange the on-screen buttons/HUD. Improving the layout of your on-screen controls would allow you to greatly improve your reaction and building speed. You could play by using the ‘Claw technique’ where you use 3 or 4 fingers to control your character in the game. This method is way better than playing with only your thumbs since you could build faster and improve your moment.

2. Use a controller

Unlike PUBG Mobile which does not support controllers officially, Fortnite Mobile players can use controllers to play the game. Just about any Bluetooth controller is supported as long as you could get it connected to your smartphone. A physical controller offers a way better gaming experience and in-game control than the virtual buttons. A controller would allow you to easily and quickly perform multiple tasks at once.

Fortnite mobile requires a lot of multitasking — Building, Moving, Shooting, Aiming and Jumping thus playing with a controller would give you a huge advantage over those playing via the touchscreen controls.

3. Make sure to wear headphones

Here’s a seemingly obvious tip, however, some players completely ignore it. Sound is an incredibly useful tool when playing any shooter title. A pair of good quality earphones or headphones would allow you to pick up enemy movement near you. Of course, you can see nearby enemy footsteps on the mini-map, however, this does not replace the spatial awareness provided by headphones.

Not only would sound alert you to footsteps, but you could also hear enemy gunshots from a distance too. This would allow you to make the decision to fight or move out of the area.

4. Adjust the sensitivity

Fortnite sensitivity settings

Fortnite’s default sensitivity is great for new users who’ve just begun playing the game. However, you might want to tweak the sensitivity to have better control over your movement. By default, you would have to swipe a lot to make a 180-degree or 360-degree turn. This means your reaction time would be greatly reduced in case you need to quickly engage an enemy right behind you. You must tweak these Fortnite settings to get the most out of the game.

5. Keep an eye out for visual cues

To make the game a tad easier for mobile players, Fortnite has added a few visual cues. These small icons pop up to alert players for nearby enemy footsteps or gunshots. Always keep an eye out for these visual cues to be aware of your nearby surroundings. This Fortnite tip is also extremely useful in situations where you are unable to use headphones to play the game.

6. Get familiar with the map

Our next Fortnite mobile tip relates to getting familiar with the app of the battleground.  released a new update for the game which brought along a new map and a ton of changes to the game. If you’re new to Fortnite, then this Fortnite tip is probably one of the first things you must work upon. Knowing the best loot spots or the hot drops on the map would allow you to develop your own strategies. Therefore you would be able to loot quicker and even avoid enemies if you’re not looking out for a fight right in the beginning.

Of course, even if you’re a regular Fortnite player, it might take a little time to familiarize yourself with the new map. The quicker you learn the layout of the map, the more advantage you’d have over other players who are new to the game as well.

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7. Stick with your crew

You might get tempted to stray away from your crew for a while to grab as much loot as you could. But doing this could get you as well as your squad eliminated from the match. It would be wise to stick with your crew especially during the landing. This would allow you and your team to corner other enemy players who might have strayed off from their team.

In fact, not only does playing as a team help you during the first few minutes into the game, but it can also help you win the match. Begin close to the squad isn’t just a Fortnite tip, but is a great tip to remember while you’re playing any team-based game.

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8. Communicate effectively

fortnite voice chat

Here’s an important Fortnite tip to remember. Communication is key to win a match in Battle Royale games with a squad. Always call out when you spot an enemy. This would allow your teammates to focus on the target and assist you in eliminating them. Callouts are crucial to win a game since your entire squad would be able to play as a team rather than picking off enemies separately.

9. Master the Bolt Action Sniper

In most shooter games, the bolt action sniper is one of the most powerful weapons to wield. That’s true in Fortnite too. There’s a steep learning curve to master the bolt-action sniper in the game thus you might have to practice a lot. However, once you figure out the bullet drop and travel time, you’d be racking up those headshots with ease. A sniper is extremely useful to eliminate players hiding in towers or moving in an open area.

10. Hide in barrels and haystacks

With the new update, you can now even squeeze yourself in tight spaces. This allows you to hide in places like barrels and haystacks too. This is useful when trying to escape from an enemy squad if you’re the only one left alive in the team. Although, we’d suggest hiding only when absolutely necessary or if you just want to have fun. Else, go out there and destroy the enemies.

11. Make use of the motorboat

The motorboat is an excellent new addition to the game. This epic new vehicle can be used to maneuver around the water areas in the map. The motorboat even has a booster that you could engage to flee from the enemy by speeding up the motorboat.

12. Get good at building faster

building faster fortnite

You can use these Fortnite Mobile building tips to build things faster. Polishing your building skills in Fortnite would allow you to reap a ton of benefits in the long run. The faster you can build, the better are your chances of winning the game. While your aim and combat abilities matter too, building quicker would give you a greater tactical advantage over the enemy. Your constructions would help you escape the enemy fire as well as give you the ability to go on the offense right away.

Unlike other battle royale games, you don’t need to run for cover ⁠— you build your own cover. Thus it’s crucial to master the skill of building in the game. You must be using this Fortnite Mobile tip to last longer in the game.

13. Know the weapon grades

Fortnite basically has 5 weapon grades ranging from normal to legendary. It’s important to understand the difference between these grades. The better the grade, the more damage the weapon can dish out apart from a few other added advantages. To make things easier, the grades are marked with 5 colors. Listed from best to worst, here are the colors you need to keep in mind: yellow, purple, blue, green, grey.

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14. Collect materials

This tip might seem pretty obvious but most players often forget to collect enough materials to build structures later into the game. As we’ve mentioned before, building in Fortnite is a crucial gameplay tactic. For this reason, it is always good to collect enough material by breaking down other structures and objects.

Not having enough resources to build structures in the final moments of the game could cost you dearly. Moving into the zone would be difficult without building since enemies could spot you out in the open.

15. Use auto-run in open areas

fortnite auto run toggle

You could use the autorun feature when moving across any open area. This would allow you to give your fingers rest or perform other tasks with the freed up finger. To use the autorun feature, simply double tap on the virtual movement pad. However, make sure you take back manual control of the movement when you spot an enemy or are in a cluster of buildings.

16. Carry enough healing items

Trying to win the game with just a couple of healing items might not be impossible, but it greatly reduces your chances of winning. A good tip would be to carry a couple of Medkits along with a few Slurp Juice cans. You could also carry bandages, however, they provided the least amount of healing. Bandages are useful to restore damage you might take in the storm.

17. Look out for golden chests

You could skip this Fornite tip if you’ve played the game a few times since you might know this already. However, for those of you who are just starting out, this is a good tip to remember. There are golden chests all over the map, which can give you the best loot.

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However, you need to be aware of your surroundings to locate these chests. You would notice a visual cue on the screen when you’re near a chest and would also be able to hear a hum. Simply follow the sound and visual cues to locate the chest.

18. Practice in the Playground Mode

playground mode fortnite

The Playground Mode is the perfect place to polish up your skills in general. The Playground Mode allows you to drop into the map without having to worry about enemies and elimination. You could check out all the weapons in the game and practice shooting each of them.

If you’re new to Fortnite, then use the Playground Mode to familiarize yourself with the terrain and player movements. You could also learn how to build quicker and practice your aim here. You got one whole hour before the storm closes in. We’d suggest using the Playground Mode to master your building technique. This is one of those Fortnite Mobile tips very few people use.

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19. Jump to dodge enemy fire

Jumping in Fortnite isn’t just there as a way to get over objects. You could even use this as a tactical move when being fired upon by enemies. Jumping would make it harder for enemies to get a clear shot on you. This is especially useful if you know the opponent has a sniper rifle. It would make it much more difficult for the player to land a headshot. Quick and unpredictive moments such as jumps are key to surviving in the game.

20. Check out the cross-platform experience

Fortnite is one of the only mobile games that support cross-platform gaming. If you think you’ve mastered the game on mobile, then you must check out the crossplay mode. From here, you could choose to play against PC and console players, however, you need to be in a squad or duo. This does not work in solo mode.

Nonetheless, playing against PC and consoler players would be a lot more challenging than going up against other mobile players. This Fortnite tip would help you improve your reaction time and gameplay strategy even further. If you are someone dominates console players too on your smartphone, then we probably might have to reverse this around and take a few tips from you.

21. Don’t stand still

This tip might seem laughable to a few, however, its a mistake that just about everyone makes when playing. Standing still would make you an easy target thus we’d suggest moving around or jumping at most times. The constant movement would make it hard for enemies to get a clear shot on you.

22. Make use of ADS

ads on hud fortnite

You can hip fire your guns in Fortnite and land a couple of shots on the enemy. However, you can also use the ADS by tapping on the crosshair icon in your HUD. This would alter your view by zooming in the center of your screen and will allow you to fire your gun a bit more accurately.

Using ADS is recommended when engaging with an enemy at a medium-range or long-range. You could even use it at close range, however, make sure to not get stuck with it on since you would not be able to move fast.

23. Reduce recoil by crouching

Here’s’ another excellent way to control your weapons recoil in Fortnite. Simply crouch down to fire your weapon with more accuracy. If you’ve been playing the game using 3-4 fingers or on a controller, then performing this move should be relatively easy for you. Crouching also makes you a smaller target for enemies although it limits your movement.

24. Don’t carry unnecessary items

fortnite backpack items

Most of us get carried away while looting items. We tend to pick up just about everything we assume might come in handy later on. Unfortunately, this only leads to a cluttered backpack. And you would not be able to pick up things that you really need such as Medkits and other healing items along with ammo. You must remember this Fortnite tip to make the best use of your limited backpack space in the game. This Fortnite Mobile tips

25. Double-tap to fire or farm continuously

This Fortnite tip comes in handy more often than not. You can double-tap on the screen to fire continuously without even having to press the fire button. This also works when you need to farm for materials. The double-tap feature is perfect for those who play the game with their thumbs since it allows you to control your movement while firing the gun automatically.

We hope these Fortnite mobile tips help you land more victories than before. What’s your favorite mobile Battle Royale game at the moment? Let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to share a tip you might think is useful.

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