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Podcasts have quickly become one of the most exciting and anticipated ways to consume and deliver content in the world today. This is also in part to Apple now heavily pushing podcasts through their iPhone and iTunes stores. With everyone having a mobile device on them at all times, it’s never been easy to listen and learn while on the go.

Entrepreneurs, bloggers and even celebrities are all jumping on the podcasting bandwagon as well. Since many of us are already creating great content online, it only makes sense for us to adapt and create a podcast of our own. Not only will this help your personal brand and reach to a new audience, it will also bring you closer to your readers at a much more personal level in the process. This is exactly why I launched Rise of the Entrepreneur, and get to interview industry experts like John Chow on the show.

If you think podcasting is big right now, just watch as more television shows and media outlets continue to syndicate their shows and best content into podcast files. In addition to actual podcast creation, the means for gaining access and listening to them will continue to grow as well. As more cars have smart players and mobile devices integrated, podcasts are simply a click away.

With all of that being said, just like a good book — there are always going to be some nice podcasts and hidden gems out there that you may not have heard of yet. Today we are going to look at three of them, and how they can start providing value to your own life, business and personal improvement.

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The Gary Vee Audio Experience

The majority of us already know and love Gary Vaynerchuk for all of the great video content he puts out there and is actively seen on social media. “Ask Gary Vee” was another great series and podcast of his as well. His latest podcast, “The GaryVee Audio Experience” is a collection of all of this greatest content, while also being available in daily audio files.  With over 1,800 reviews and an average rating of 5-stars on iTunes, this podcast is a must for every entrepreneur in the making.

The Tai Lopez Show

We all see online marketers and entrepreneurs online every day through their content, social media, blog posts and even sometimes through live video and webinars. Podcasts have allowed us to get one more step closer to know some of the brightest minds in the industry, as audio brings that relationship and engagement to life.

Tai Lopez has had a ton of success online and you’ve likely seen his videos and advertisements while skimming through your most recent status updates on Facebook. Through his podcast, titled “The Tai Lopez Show” — famous online marketer and entrepreneur. Tai Lopez shares stories, case studies, and actionable tips from his success online and entrepreneur ventures over the years.

Through his podcast, Tai highlights the many benefits of what it takes to find success in both life and business — while also bringing his own twist of originality and flare to the show. With already over 5,000 votes and an average rating of more than 4.5 stars, this podcast is another great one to add to your audio playlist.

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Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Sui

If you’ve ever done anything in the world of online marketing, SEO or content creation, you definitely know the name, Neil Patel. Through his “Marketing School” podcast, Neil and Eric Sui discuss all aspects of what it takes to create, grow and run a successful business on the internet today.

Each episode focuses on a specific question or task about how your business can better approach and represents itself online — whether that be through setting up your first social profile, getting a quality Google My Business listing or simply how to look more professional online.

With over 300 episodes already released, you can be sure to find answers to many of your burning entrepreneurial questions. The podcast currently has 300 ratings with an average of 5-stars, so you know it’s gonna be a good one to add to your playlist.

What are your favorite marketing podcasts?

As mentioned earlier, no matter who you ask or where you look, there is always going to be another great podcast somewhere that you haven’t heard of yet. Contribute to the list and leave a comment below with your favorite podcast and how it’s made an impact on your life or business.

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