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If you are serious about having an Instagram account and succeeding on the platform, you have to pay close attention to your analytics. The problem is that Instagram makes it difficult to do that with a personal profile. They think you aren’t serious unless you have a Business profile – which does offer more analytics information.

There are plenty of other benefits to having an Instagram Business profile too. Instagram Insights is one of the critical benefits, of course, but there are others. These analytics offer you all kinds of information and performance statistics about who visits your profile and how they interact with it.

There are a number of third-party Instagram analytics apps that go into more detail and can be used by anyone. Here are the top three Instagram analytics tools you need to be using

1. ShareMyInsights

ShareMyInsights is among the best Instagram analytics tools around. This tool lets you analyze, track, and optimize Instagram marketing by offering insights on your posts, audience, location, comments, hashtags, and more.

The tool offers in-depth analytics into the hashtags you use so that you can better optimize future posts. With their optimization screen, you’ll find how often you should post to get the most number of comments, likes, impressions, and the furthest reach.

ShareMyInsights also connects you to a community of other Instagram users who share their insights with others. Look through the community and find people in your niche with good engagement and connect with them for collaborative efforts.

ShareMyInsights is available on a free plan, with paid plans starting at $5 per month for additional advanced features.

2. SquareLovin

SquareLovin is a rare breed among analytics tools in that it is free to use. You can use SquareLovin to get monthly analytics of recent posts, how your account is growing, and a history of your content with data broken down by the hour, day, month, or year. The app also offers some insights on the preferences and interests of your audience, including the worst times to post on the platform.

You can use these insights to determine the best filters and hashtags to use on future posts for the best results.

3. Pixlee

Pixlee is another Instagram analytics tool you can use for free to monitor how posts perform and come up with ideas for future content. Pixlee includes intuitive reporting for weekly performance results. You can use the data from the tool to find new influencers on social media and connect with people advocating for your business and products.

Pixlee offers stats and tracking for hashtags, the option to find the most engaging content, and a way to track how much your audience has grown by.


There are several tools out there that give you access to your Instagram analytics. These tools help you improve engagement, get more followers, and see the top hashtags for your niche. Monitor your insights and learn from them to see what works, what doesn’t, and how you can bridge that gap.

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