3 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas If Writer’s Block Plagues You

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I pondered my next blog post idea for Blogging Tips today.

After 5 seconds I picked this post title.

Writing daily is a powerful way to nab ideas for blog posts.

Even if you routinely suffer from writer’s block the habit of sitting down to write anything daily puts you into a different vibe. This different vibe makes you receptive to more blog post ideas.

I nabbed this blog post idea – based on getting blog post ideas – because my words flow. As I write freely, ideas keep knocking on the door of my mind.

Struggling bloggers tend to pick a blog post title but immediately seize up, having a tough time fleshing out the title with their writing skills. Even if they’ve the research down cold writer’s block aka fear seems to prevent ideas to travel from mind to keyboard to backoffice.

Which brings us to tip #1.

1: Write Your Rear End Off

I write thousands of words daily.

Done so for years.

Form a daily writing habit to nab blog post ideas.

Seems weird, right?

Writing daily works guys.

Here’s why; writing 1000 words daily in a Word document (trashing the document when done) helps you develop the skill of picking a blog post idea and writing about it immediately. This gives you confidence in choosing and writing about other blog post ideas.

Even better? Ideas seized, multiply. While writing this post I’ve already generated 3 more blog post ideas I can use on my blog or for other guest posts.

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document. Just for practice. Cover any topic. Form a daily writing habit to nab blog post ideas.

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2: Research Quora

Quora is a sea of blog post ideas.

Folks from around the globe regularly ask questions related to a wide range of topics on Quora.

Observe common topics. Address pain points in your niche.

Convert questions into blog post ideas by answering these questions through blog posts, guest posts, videos and podcasts.

I regularly see questions related to blog traffic and blogging profits on Quora. Fish in a barrel easy topics to cover for the depth of research and obsessive demand on Quora or any network.

Develop the skill of converting Quora questions into enticing blog post titles. You’ll never run out of blog post ideas.

3: Follow the Leader

If Darren Rowse blogs about it you betcha it’s a blog post idea worthy of discussion for blogging tips bloggers.

Peep Alonzo Pichardo on Sound Cloud.

Our 2 chats registered 52,000 and 37,000 plays in only 2 month’s time.

If you’re in the online business niche and note 90,000 people listening to Alonzo and I chat you’d be wise to write about the basics of building a business online or how to connect with online influencers, the two podcast topics.

Follow leaders.

Learn from pros how to cover pressing issues in your niche.

Blogging leaders have their ear to the cyber street. Alonzo and I see people making mistakes regularly in terms of business building and outreach, so we shared these two chats to help you do each the right way.

Cover similar topics.

Don’t reinvent the wheel guys. Snag blog post ideas by observing topics on top blogs.

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Put your twist on the topic. Practice writing daily – tip #1 – to find your writing voice. Cover topics from top blogs but stand out by writing how you write to drive traffic to your blog…..and to never run out of blog post ideas.

Bonus Tip

Meditate daily.

I am no Blogging Buddha. But meditating daily for years helped clear my head trash – writer’s block, low self worth, any fear related to being prolific – so I could generate blog post ideas on demand and become prolific.

If you struggle with any aspect of your blogging campaign, fear feeds the struggle. Meditating expands your awareness so you can see, feel, embrace and release the fear to become successful.

These tips should help you guys.

Give me a holla in the comments section with your tips for finding blog post ideas.




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