4 Important Traits for Being a Successful Leader at Any Organization

Great leaders come from all walks of life. Growing up, being the ever-important line leader in class was a great accomplishment. A couple years later it was fighting for the captain spot of the debate or basketball team. Fast forward again, and now you are likely in the midst of your professional career. Maybe you are on the path to becoming a senior leader, or you already are one at your organization.

No matter where you find yourself on the path to leadership, there are a few qualities to be mindful of to become a successful leader. These traits can be found in many of the leaders you work with every day. And, you’ll want to strive to emulate these traits to be successful in your career, too.

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  1. Honesty – Leaders need to be able to tell the truth to their people and teams rather than beating around the bush when delivering bad news or offering critical feedback. Deliver the truth in a very matter of fact and transparent manner. Employees always know where they stand when leaders state clear feedback and expectations.
  2. Humility – Humility is a rare and valuable trait. Leaders should get things done – with very modest intentions. They shouldn’t talk negatively behind people’s backs. Leaders who are comfortable downplaying their own efforts and promoting other people that work with them will see greater engagement levels and trust among the organization.
  3. Results-Oriented – Good leaders stay focused and have a track record of performing the job they were hired to do. More importantly, they know how to set personal and team-specific goals that are actionable and measurable. These goals should not be unachievable, nor easy, and leaders should be consistently reporting on their goal progress.
  4. Apologetic – Great leaders are comfortable saying sorry to people. When mistakes are made, they apologize, and at times, they do so in public. They never cover things up. It is a valuable trait as a leader to be able to admit fault and right your wrongs.
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At Assurance, our leadership team inspires me to do better every day. Great leaders encourage self-growth and inspire others around them to do better. On your path to leadership, remember these four traits and be sure to project them across teams large and small.

This article was co-written by Anthony (Tony) Chimino, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Assurance.

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