4 Reasons Mobile Email Has Become So Important For Businesses

One of the most challenging questions that an email marketer can have is how to send a cold email. But things have changed significantly in the smartphone era. The impact of the smartphone revolution is undeniable, and we are continuing to see it flourish more and more each day.

Not only has mobile usage grown as a whole, the way it continues to influence business and brands continues to change and develop as well. For most brands, this impact has been a positive one, but it is important to get a complete perspective to be able to make the most of the available opportunities. 

Key Mobile Email Stats

If you are building an email marketing strategy for your brand, make sure to include mobile into your plan. The following stats should demonstrate to you how important the mobile email ecosystemhas become in the last few years.

i. Mobile Device &In-Store Retail Sales

Studies show that shoppers with mobile devices have almost 37% influence on in-store retail sales. Even when they are shopping in a physical retail store, they are interacting with their mobile device, which influences their final buying decision.

The reasons they rely on their mobile device when shopping include the following:

  • Conduct in-depth research on the product they are interested in
  • Search for special deals and compare prices
  • Find out whether the retail store gives any self-checkout option using a mobile device

ii. Mobile Email Vs. Desktop Mobile

More users now access their email on their mobile devices than on their desktops. There are some variations in terms of the niche, product categories, and age and gender of email recipients, but overall more emails are opened on mobile devices.

  • Mobile accounts for more than 50% of all email opens
  • Mobile email open rates are much higher for younger audiences than their older counterparts
  • Real estate, events, and media companies can benefit the most from mobile email campaigns
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So if you belong to the right niche, it may be easier for you to find a better solution to the question of how to send a cold email. According to Litmus’s 2019 market share report, mobile clients accounted for almost 42% share in email opens during the first quarter of 2019. Webmail open rates were almost 40% and desktoprates were around 18%.

iii. Mobile Email Traffic has More Value

Another study shows that mobile email traffic has more value compared to desktop email traffic. In other words, mobile conversion rates are higher. One of the main reasons is the increase in the percentage of people buying products on their mobile devices. 

According to many of the top email marketing blogs, email conversion rates for mobile email have increased by 70% within a span of just one year. On the other hand, the conversion rates fell for desktop traffic during the same period.

iv. Demand for Responsive Email

Make sure that your emails render properly on mobile devices. Even now many businesses are unable to create and send emails that display effectively on mobile screens. 

Studies show that when an email shows poorly on mobile, users are likely to delete it in 70% of the cases. This happens even when the content is of high quality. In fact, 15% users may also tap on the unsubscribe link. 

Make sure that your emails render well on mobile devices:

  • Images should not be oversized
  • Avoid excess text without breaks
  • Avoid multiple column layouts 

Use a responsive email solution to ensure that your messages are rendered well on all mobile platforms and screen sizes.

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If you still think that mobile is not as important for email, there are many more stats to prove you wrong. Over 3 in 5 consumers today checktheir email on their mobile. Almost three-fourths of them claim that one of the main reasons they use their smartphone is to check their email more often. 

Mobile users spend a significant amount of their time using apps. Over 70% of users will check their email on an app. And most of them will check it at least once in the morning. So you cannot ignore the importance of reaching out with your email campaigns to your audience on their mobile devices. This also means covering all the popular platforms including Android, iOS, and other less popular ones.

So in summary… email has always been important for businesses and brands of all sizes, but it’s now more important than ever today.

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