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I filmed a video with my friend Alonzo Pichardo about how to build your online business through blogging.

This video has already generated over 2,500 views in a few hours so it’s gaining traction quickly.

Click the play button to watch it.

I want to flesh out some of the points we made in the video to drill home what it takes to build your business online through blogging.

1: Be Honest

Be honest. Tell the truth through your blog.

Being honest is the ultimate business builder because if people trust you, they trust your products and services, and you betcha business grows if people trust you and whatever you have to offer.

Move away from making income or traffic claims. Move the focus to giving, not getting.

I feel ridiculous having to say this, but never, ever lie about some income or traffic claim you have not achieved yourself. Do not share how to make $1000 per month through blogging unless you personally made $1000 per month through blogging. This is called lying, if you teach how to achieve some goal you have not achieved yourself. Even if you share the advice from a 3rd person perspective.

Share wins. Share losses. Most of all, always tell the truth. Build your cyber business on a foundation of trustworthiness.

2: Offer Value

Offer immense value through your blog.

Offer the freemium and people will buy the premium.

Folks dig free advice. Folks get to see how you help them, for free, then buy into whatever products or services you have to offer.

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I over deliver because I have fun sharing videos on YouTube, Facebook and Periscope. I enjoy writing blog posts for Blogging From Paradise. I enjoy guest posting. I enjoy publishing my podcast. I love to give. So I give.

My businesses are built on offering free, helpful content through a wide range of channels. Folks buy into the free content I offer then buy my eBooks or audio books or perhaps a few of my blogging courses too.

Help folks for free through your blog. Offer value. Become valuable in their eyes.

3: Be Accessible

Be accessible. Craft a clear, easy to find contact page on your blog.

Consider adding your email handle, a contact form and maybe 2-3 links to various social media accounts.

At a minimum I include my email, a contact form and links to my Facebook and Twitter handles because I am most active on those 2 networks.

Being accessible builds trust. If people see you are alert – and not asleep – at the blogging wheel, they reach out to you, get in touch with you fast and see that you are a reputable, credible online entrepreneur who can be contacted with ease.

4: Be Engaging

Engage your readers.

Help people.

Answer emails in a timely fashion.

Respond to comments in a timely fashion.

Be engaging to build trust, to form bonds and to grow your business.

If you are accessible you better be responsive too. No sense being easily reachable if you don’t respond swiftly when folks reach out to you.

As a rule of thumb, respond to all email requests within 24 hours. Respond to social media requests within 24 hours until you receive too many messages and comments to respond to every one.

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If you forget or simply cannot respond to emails within a 24 hour time frame here or there it is OK. Just don’t make it a habit.

My blogging business grew when I responded to email in a timely fashion. Clients seemed to find me. My sponsored post and advertising revenue rose. All because I emailed clients and potential advertisers quickly after their initial request, allowing money to flow to me swiftly.

Your Turn

What are you doing to build your business online through blogging?

How can you do a better job following each of these tips?

What tips can you add to this list?

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