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These days social media is a blessing for marketing products and services. But it has not been looked upon by many professionals the way it should have been. Why is that? There are some reasons behind it but two major ones are the fact that professionals tend to seek privacy and security and the other reason is the lack of desire in medicare professionals to utilize time and effort to make use of social media platforms.

But, digital dental marketing can increase your visibility and credibility, it is a low-cost and effective way of branding your dental business. By covering a large audience group it can take the professionals and their profiles to new heights. If you have the best of both worlds it will definitely be beneficial towards you right?

If you want to add value to your practice and effectively use social media to grow your business check out these 5 great ideas that we have rolled up for you!

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1. Create a Professional and Cohesive Brand Experience

To distinguish your brand from the others you need to practice something different. A brand gets encrypted on the general masses’ minds after getting to know about it several times. So, you should keep tabs with your social media platforms. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can showcase yourself on your dental social media profile:

Be Consistent

Do not change your username, biography, cover photo, profile picture much. Keep it the same on all your profiles.

Create and Use Branded Hashtags

Use hashtags to generate more audience.  Hashtags showcase the essence of your creativity. Go with hashtags like #SaviourofTeeth and create a good brand impression.  

Create Your Own Graphics

Never underestimate your graphics designing opportunities. Create your own content using your brand colors and font instead of using random online photos.

Emphasize Your Brand Colors

Come up with some wholesome and exciting color pallets and emphasize on it. Stick to the brand color to generate brand awareness and a large audience.

2. Share original Content

Not more than 1% of the healthcare professionals and dentists do not share their original content on social media. Sharing original content boosts up your profile and creativity.

Contents may include:

1. Pictures and motion graphics related to your workspace might be helpful in attracting attention. You can show your patients as well, but obviously not without their consent!

Many professionals may suggest you use generic stock images but those are insipid. You should decorate your social media with positivity as it showcases your creativity. Use spontaneous photos and contents to stand out from others!

2. Blog threads may be a good tool for patients to have their frequently asked questions answered in an organized manner.

3. Research synopses, if shared on social media, are likely to spark curiosity in people because who wouldn’t want to learn something new, right?

3. Engage with Accounts Appropriately

Your engagement with social media platforms should be on a daily basis. Don’t follow the catchphrase “post and ghost” as posting content after several days will not benefit your profile much. You should not take this as a broadcasting tool instead take it as a communication platform. A tool that connects you to your patients.       

Extend Your Online Reach

Make the proper use of your social media platform. Take out 15-30 minutes every day to reply to your patients and share relative content. Commenting on your patient’s contents and giving them suggestions will help you to grow your community.    

Manage Your Reputation

Today attracting new patients is an important task. You need to give rewards or be grateful to the ones who gave positive reviews about their service and also should give emphasis on the negative review. 

No matter what platform you are using, you should reply promptly and professionally to your patients on a daily basis.

4. Content Sharing  and Paid Advertisements

You can try out a few different types of contents and try them out as your social media marketing plan:

Facebook and Instagram Stories

Facebook and Instagram stories are a great way to showcase photos or videos. It disappears after 24 hours but from the research perspective it is considered as the most viewed content.

Facebook Live

Dentists can come on Facebook Live and give tutorials on effective teeth cleaning, teeth cleaning tools or anything related to teeth and its care.  These get broadcasted live and it allows the viewers to watch the video as well as comment on it simultaneously. The video gets published on your profile after the live session is done.

Paid Advertisements

Video blogs and advertisements attract the viewers on a high level. These videos discuss the problems and procedures which will be beneficial for the viewers if they follow it. This helps to create your brand image the right way.

Twitter Chats

Public Twitter chat is a platform to give public opinions. Your patients can tweet questions and you can give an answer to their queries on the public.   

Discussions on specific topics can be done publicly on twitter as well. People who are interested can join the chat and get suggestions giving your profile a high brand image! 

5. Pay Attention to What’s Working and Sponsored Contents

After posting content on your social media platforms, keep an eye on the insights. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter lets you use the insight option for free.

This helps you to have a clear idea about which posts are generating more audience.

Check on the insights on a regular basis to change your actions for the greater good. Also, you can boost up your content by sponsoring it. It pops up on your newsfeed and creates brand awareness. Users can share, react, comment or even save these sponsored contents like the original ones.

Research says, sponsored ads increase the potential of brand awareness by 80-85%.

Using social media marketing in the area of healthcare is still in its roots. If utilized properly then social media platforms can take your dental profession to a different level.

Remember your job is to connect with people and help them to reduce their pain. It is not selling toothpaste and doing root canals. You need to build up trust with your patients.

Social media helps you to connect with your patients easily.

Make them assured that you don’t take this as a business. And it’s all about people, not money and teeth!

Help your dental practice grow!

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