5 Powerful Tips to Be a More Generous – and Successful – Blogger


Generous bloggers tend to become successful bloggers.

Do you know the saying “Nice guys finish last”?

Don’t believe that for a second.

Nice, friendly, generous bloggers finish first. Again and again.

Every happy, top blogger I met is incredibly generous.

Makes sense too; being generous is an abundant act. Sending off an abundant, generous vibe where you help people without being attached to any set outcome expands your presence like wildfire, growing your blogging business exponentially over the long haul.

I just published a post on Staff Projects:

5 Tips to Do Influencer Marketing Right

Notice how virtually every tip focuses on being generous and abundant?

Top bloggers and marketers befriend other top bloggers and marketers by generously giving without giving much thought to what they get from each interaction.

This level of detachment helps you make some sweet money of course but also gives you a bigger platform for helping your growing readership.

Follow these 5 tips to be a more generous – and successful – blogger.

1: Promote Fellow Bloggers on Social Media

Retweet fellow bloggers.

Share blogger’s posts on Facebook.

Promote your fellow blogger on social to generously expand their presence.

Using your social platforms to help other bloggers is an abundant act, like paying it forward.

Doing so builds bonds and grows your blogger friend network quickly.

2: Feature Bloggers on Your Blog

I am a fan of the “take a blogging buddy along for the ride” technique.

I mention at least 1 blogging buddy – or new connection – through most of my blog posts on Blogging From Paradise.

Taking a blogging buddy along for the ride by featuring them via a mention:

  • builds stronger bonds
  • grows your friend network
  • gives your readers new blogging buddies and ample resources to learn from

Any time I mention a fellow blogger on my blog they are exposed to my 60,000 member community.

Generous for sure but I do it because I enjoy spreading love.

3: Start an Affiliate Program

Spread the wealth.

Start an affiliate program.

You live in an abundant Universe.

Starting an affiliate program benefits you financially but also helps new bloggers who’ve yet to create their products and services.

You can still be generous when money changes hands because hey; it’s just money. Only a means of exchange. Nothing more, nothing less.

4: Help Struggling Bloggers for Free

If you are a struggling or newbie blogger, writing a 2-3 paragraph response to a struggling blogger’s question gives you real world practice for your budding coaching service.

If you are a successful veteran blogger with a busy schedule, crafting a 1-2 sentence response along with a link to a resource should suffice.

Help as many people as possible who flow your way through email. Ask questions on Facebook Groups related to your niche, probing for pain points, and share answers.

Being generous with your time and knowledge helps grow your blogging profits dramatically, in addition to helping you grow your tribe.

Note; you are still a professional blogger, or an aspiring pro. If someone begs for free coaching services, a free course or perhaps to work out a payment plan for your big ticket products, politely release the individuals.

Do these same folks ask for free services in a doctor’s office or lawyer’s office? I don’t think so. You are a professional, like a doctor or lawyer. Have posture. Attract a more prospering crowd by releasing folks with money issues.

5: Do Not Hold Back

Look at the featured image for this post.

Scan the words “Mine.”

I published 493 guest posts on Blogging Tips before publishing this post.

I do not hold back.

Never allow a fun opportunity to pass you by if it vibes with you.

If a top blogger allows you to post daily to their blog and you’re having fun writing daily and providing helpful posts, publish daily! Never allow logic or strategies of Domain Authority to get in the way of being generous.

Be all over the place in your niche.

Be a successful blogger.

Be generous.


I filmed a super short video in Thailand as a quick reminder to be a generous blogger.

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