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The internet universe is a plethora of millions of results for one search. Multiple factors decide what goes into deciding the first page of any search engine. One crucial factor in SEO. Search Engine Optimization pushes search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more, to show a particular website on their first page.

SEO improves the performance of a website and if you are looking for ways to cash in further, a good way of doing so would be by keeping an eye on the latest SEO trends. 

Earlier, it was believed that adding more and more keywords can help you gain preference on a search engine, but the SEO trends of 2020 proved that to be a not more than a misconception.

Here are the SEO trends that ruled the year 2020. 

Trend #1 – Long-tail keywords 

Something that has changed over the years in terms of search engines is the inclusion of voice search. Earlier, people would search for short keywords. For example, a user would have searched for  and typed “nearest coffee shop”, but due to the voice search feature, the keyword would now be, “where is the nearest coffee place?”. It has put a focus on long-tail keywords. 

Try this at home — think of something that you would like to find out and record your instant reaction in getting the best results. Did you choose a long tail keyword to get more details? Guess who’s following the trends!

Trend #2 – Mobile-friendly URLs

In 2020, search engines started treating the mobile version of the search result as their primary results. In fact, in 2019, the popular search engine Google introduced the world to mobile-first indexing, much to everyone’s surprise. In the last few years, the internet has upgraded itself into a cellphone-driven phenomenon. 

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So one of the biggest SEO trends is how mobile-friendly the URL of any particular website is. Every website development company around the world has started noticing and working on this trend to cater to its users.

Trend #3 – User Engagement 

Search engines pay attention to other factors apart from the number of clicks on your website. From the bounce rate to conversations, user engagement is a crucial driving force when one talks about SEO. 

For example, You may drive a user from Greenville to your website with SEO Greenville sc, but you will need to make sure that they stay on it too. Spending adequate time on a website to make sure that it is functioning smoothly is equally important to boost the site’s SEO performance.

Trend #4 -Better backlinks 

Many believe having a higher number of backlinks is akin to better SEO for the website. But this may not be the case anymore. A big change that has occurred in this field is that search engines like Google are now paying close attention to the quality of the backlinks. We have come to realize that they are more effective when relevant and provide you with SEO value. 

Trend #5 – Long and quality content

Initially, many websites would load themselves with pages that were full of short-form content, believing that it would help them gain more visibility. However, the year 2020 proves that this is the era for long-form and quality content. Most search engines have assigned watchdogs to keep an eye on the content presented to users. You may have heard about Google’s Panda that has been a big influence on the way content is being used by websites.

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A key factor that truly works for most websites in terms of SEO is quality. The latest trends of the year 2020 have shown that search engines are actively leaning towards websites that focus on the content part better. 

Apart from this, the user base has rapidly shifted from desktops to mobile phones, which has created a paradigm shift in the world of SEO. Websites need to buckle up and take on these challenges and changes. You must let go of the old-age notions about SEOs and get on with the new ramped up SEO universe. So, which of these trends is your favorite one?

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