5 Steps to Create Highly Valuable Content for Your Blog

5 Steps to Create Highly Valuable Content for Your Blog

Few people ever stop to think about the amount of content on the Internet. According to a study conducted in 2016, there are more than 130 trillion web pages on the Internet. This figure has definitely increased over the past three years. For bloggers, especially new bloggers, trying to compete in the highly saturated online realm might seem hopeless. Fortunately, various websites offer great essay editing services to help bloggers create highly valuable content.

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As a blogger, you can expect to compete against millions of other sites; however, you should not lose hope or feel discouraged. A large percentage of web pages on the Internet offer little or no value to viewers; therefore, you have a great chance of success if you create high-quality content. Peter Rojas, Arriana Huffington, and other hugely successful bloggers started by creating superior content.

However, creating exceptional content is not as easy as most bloggers assume. It requires a huge investment in time and research, but the rewards are certainly worth the effort. Here are 5 steps to create highly valuable content for your blog.

  1. Before you Start Writing, you Need to Research your Topic

Looking at other blogs or content in your niche before you start writing will help you come up with a game plan to create outstanding content. You need to figure out what the leading bloggers in your niche are doing right and find ways to beat them at their own game. You should start by conducting keyword research using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, which will help you determine the keywords used by other bloggers in your niche.

Next, you need to get rid of keywords that seem too competitive and/or irrelevant, as well as keywords with low search volume. The keywords remaining on your list are the ones you need to use to optimize your blog for search engines and maximize its visibility. Without the right tools, however, keyword analysis will be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Once you do this, find out who your competitors will be by using your keywords to conduct a search and start analyzing the search results. Determine how detailed the other content in your niche is by looking at both the amount of research involved and length of the content. You also need to look at the amount of resources other bloggers in your niche link to, as well as their level of professional experience.

  • Determine the Best way to add Value to your Content

It is quite difficult to compete with other bloggers, especially successful bloggers, on their own terms. It is even more difficult if you are trying to do so in a competitive niche. However, you should not lose hope and/or give up because you can still provide value to your audience by coming up with an original angle or style for your content.

Brainstorm and research the different ways to add value to your content. You will discover many angles you did not even consider. If your blog is about the Paleo diet, for example, you should consider other angles apart from sharing Paleo news and recipes as most bloggers in the niche do. Instead, consider writing about topics like Paleo diet for athletes, frugal Paleo living, tips for Paleo moms, and more.

  • Start Writing and Ensure your Content is Amazing

Having analyzed your competition and determined your ideal demographic, you need to start writing. If you need a general template for your blog post, you can look at a competitor’s blog post. However, do not limit yourself to his/her style. Focus on writing content that offers detail and value.

You will discover that some of the best bloggers in your niche are ranking high on search engines with short blog posts. This is often because they are using keywords with little competition or they enjoy high domain authority.

  • Go Live and Start Promoting your Blog Posts

A few weeks after going live, you may discover that few people are visiting your blog, even after writing many great posts. While it is important to write exceptional blogs, you will only reap the benefits if people find your blog. It is like precious metals on a deserted island. They are worthless if they remain undiscovered.

There are tons of strategies to promote your content. Some of them include:

  • Syndication
  • Remarketing and paid ads
  • Sending to your email list
  • Connecting with a peer group
  • Mentioning an influencer
  • Sharing on social media
  • Sending an outreach email
  • Creating teaser videos

Essentially, you need to promote your content once you create it in order to reap its benefits. This is one of the most important parts of the blogging process.

  • Use Manual Outreach to Expand your Promotion

You will get extra traction by working with other bloggers. Therefore, reach out to other thought leaders in your niche through email to determine whether they would be willing to link to any of your best blog posts. Although this strategy can be time-consuming, it is very effective. Guest blogging is another great way to expand your reach; therefore, try pitching to huge publishers.

As search engines continue to raise the bar on the types of content they rank high, blogging is becoming more difficult. Fortunately, if you follow the 5 steps to create highly valuable content for your blog listed above, you will set up yourself for success.

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