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If you are a business owner and run multiple branches, winning your local market is something you need to consider seriously. Best SEO Sydney says that if your website is not optimized locally, you are more likely to lose potential customers. The same Google algorithm applies for local seo with multiple locations for all regions and countries, no matter where you are global.

Did you know that more than 50% of online traffic is generated via mobile devices, and nearly a third of searches are related to location? You can imagine how essential investing in SEO can enhance your online visibility.

Having multiple locations all over the country helps you dominate search engine result pages, expand your clients’ base and grow your business. But how to do various location SEO? This post will provide you with an extensive overview of everything you need to know about local SEO, tips to improve your visibility, and more.

Local SEO explained

Even if you are new to the internet world, you may have heard of SEO. But you might be wondering about its benefits and how you can use it if you have multiple branches.

First, the SEO word commonly describes anything you can do to improve your visibility online to rank higher. So, local SEO aims to ensure your website ranks higher when people from your location search for the services and products your website offers.

Why is local SEO beneficial?

Local SEO helps your website show up in front of your potential customers. Here are some of the benefits SEO hosts;

Expand your reach

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When searching online, most people tend to include locations such as cities, regions, states, etc. For instance, they will explore “plumbers in Australia” or “hotels in Atlanta.” When residents of your area search such keywords, you want to appear in the top search results. And local SEO can help achieve this.

Make a quick Google search for keywords related to what your business offers. Does your business show up in the first page results? If not, it is time to consider local SEO.

Reach out to more potential customers

When your business operates in several different locations, it becomes pretty difficult to run smoothly. Customizing content for each area can help you reach your intended audience.

Rank higher in SEO

Google factors in location to display results when people do searches online. For instance, if you search pizza hotels in Columbia, Google will not show results in Venice, Italy. Local SEO will help you rank top, improving your visibility among your local customers.

Strategies for local SEO with multiple branches

So, how can you use local SEO to increase traffic and grow your business? Here are helpful tips you need to consider.

1.     Build an Individual landing page for each location

If you want to show up in top searches in each location, create unique content specifically designed for every area. Creating unique pages involves adding photos of your shop, including testimonials from clients, optimizing page elements, etc.

Do not duplicate the content because you will be penalized. Ensure you make your content as unique and engaging as possible; that also helps you easily reach out to your target audience.

Also, it would help if you made your content helpful to readers. In other words, your page needs to satisfy the expectations of researchers. In this case, you can include video, maps, etc., to help readers get the feel of your business.

2.     Create a Google profile business page

Google profile page is arguably one of the essential SEO commitments you should consider. Google profile listing allows you to appear for every keyword search on the map.

One of the fascinating things about Google profile is that it allows you to add locations manually. For instance, if you have more than 20 branches, you can use bulk location management to manage other areas.

Google profile listing is a perfect solution, especially for businesses seeking to advertise their services in multiple locations. Even better, creating an account is free.

3.     Focus on building links

Link building for best seo results

To improve your website ranking on Google, focus on earning more quality backlinks. For instance, you can earn backlinks by reaching out to bloggers and seeing if they are interested in sharing your content. Also, earn links by hosting or sponsoring events.

4.     Avoid stuffing keywords

Keyword stuffing is also a key factor when optimizing your website for local searches. If your content is overstuffed with keywords, Google is less likely to rank you at the top. One instance of keyword stuffing is listing the number of states against Google’s quality restrictions.

5.     Consistent citations

Always remain consistent with citations every time you list your business online. And these include name, mobile number, address, etc.

For example, if you list your business as 1400 Denver Lane, Suit 5, don’t make it appear 1400 Denver Ln, #5 on other websites. Stick to your citations, or you will end up confusing clients. And this may cost you essential leads.

To wrap up

Local SEO plays a crucial role in this modern world and can bring plenty of benefits to the business. It is time to optimize SEO and beat your competitor’s dominating Google ranks.

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